Date Night

I forgot all about blogging about my Saturday – we had a big date night this weekend! My husband traded some favors and our son went to sleep over at a friend’s house. We got all dressed up. Fred put on cowboy boots, jeans and a leather jacket and did the beard trimming and shaving deal. Reminded me of when we were first dating. That’s what he always wore when we went out. I wore the DKNY size 10 jeans that I found at the Goodwill last Thursday. They are a black wash, sort of a grayish color and very, very tight. Worked nicely as a girdle, though I did wear the TopHer on top to keep the muffin top in control. Then I put on a long sleeve, bright blue tee-shirt that Jacob wanted me to wear. Honestly, it was beautiful, but way too tight. I hate seeing the rolls of fat around my waist and bra. So to make him happy I pulled out a black vest, which nicely covered the bulges. (Guys who are reading this, sorry to spoil any illusions you might have, based on what women look like on the outside. Underneath our clothes, there’s just no telling what kind of help we are using!)

Black boots, big hair and tons of makeup later and we were on our way. We drove out to Douglasville and saw the movie Red. Totally loved it! Helen Mirren and Sarah Louise Parker are two of my favorite women actresses. Bruce Willis, John Malkovitch and Morgan Freeman made a cast that were witty, talented and believable as these Retired Extremely Dangerous ex-operatives.  I can only hope that Red 2 is already in the works. I’ll be on line and I’ll be buying them all on DVD.

After the movie, we drove out to my little sister’s new sports bar in Carrollton. We had dinner and a drink and played pool and darts with my sister, her husband and my baby brother. It was a blast. Too bad it isn’t closer to my house, but an hour drive is a little far to go very often.

Then we drove home – after midnight – haven’t done that in a while.  We were both exhausted, so we fell into bed and slept, wrapped in each others arms. Waking up was nice, too. As much as we love our son, it was nice to not have to get up and make breakfast so we could just snuggle back into bed together. With the time change we had a nice space of time together before we had to get out and over to our friends’ house to pick up Jacob. They made us a fabulous breakfast and we spent a lovely morning there, with the kids playing outside and the grownups sitting inside drinking coffee and enjoying the sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Exactly my kind of evening! Sounds like a blast! It’s so nice to read about the way you and Fred have accommodated your weight loss, Karen. It seems like the relationship has grown and the sweet moments have been many. I feel the same way about my marriage…it has only gotten better. Glad you had such a good time.

  2. That is a great date story! It’s harder with two kids, one a teenager now, to find that space to be together. At 10 and 13, they’re too old for babysitters, mostly too cool for sleepovers, but too young to leave alone comfortably just to go have fun (which, where I live, generally means driving a long way). Soon we will, but not as much fun as you just had!

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