Goodbye Biggest Losers

Last night I deleted the TiVo season’s pass for the Biggest Loser show. I unfriended the BL groups on Facebook and I deleted, mostly unwatched, the last show.

I’ve watched for years. I feel like watching those people change was one of the things that finally convinced me to start doing SOMETHING and that I could achieve my goals. I used to love the last chance workouts and the cooking segments. I loved when they had makeover week and started to feel good about themselves. I felt their pain when they had a genuine breakthrough (not the manipulated crap that Jillian is pushing this season).

But I can’t take it anymore. Week after week I have watched Lisa, who wants to go home and Elizabeth who is the biggest slacker I’ve ever seen on the show –  STAY! While the people who made me want to get out and exercise or eat right – who INSPIRED me because they were working their butts off and doing the dang thang – GO HOME. How is that inspiring? How is that even right?

If  the Biggest Loser starts a new season where there are no votes and whoever loses the most stays and who falls below the red line goes home, then I’ll be back. That is, if Jillian stops doing the forced breakthrough crap. No one buys that she’s that interested. From Bob, maybe, but let it be genuine. Stop scripting it for god’s sake.

In the meantime, let’s see what else is on TiVo. I suddenly have an hour of viewing time available.

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