Maintenance – Week Five & Six

I guess even I’m tired of hearing about maintenance, because I didn’t blog about it last week. I did lose a trifling .4 lbs from the week before.  I tried to get excited, but hell, I could fluctuate 5 pounds in a day in the old MO days, so .4 is just NOTHING. Over time, though, it does appear that I’m losing, ever so slightly on maintenance. And I’m eating a bit more and adding in some treats. Plus I’m exercising more gently and for less time. So the fact that I continue to lose is good. Even .4 lbs.

Why is it that, even though this is my one true goal, it is very hard to get excited about maintenance? Every week I step on the scale and Hurrah! I haven’t gained. I haven’t lost. Whoopee!


I get bored if things don’t change. I can see how people, some people, not me, of course, would eat their way back to obesity so that they could have the challenge and the rush of losing it again.

But not me.

Nope. Not me.

Today is Friday and time for my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers. I put the scale back in my bathroom yesterday, so I think that I am either on target or may have lost a bit more. I measured my stomach and I am the same all over. Which is really hard to believe, since I FEEL much flabbier and fatter. I’m trying to realize that is just the mean girl in my head talking and it isn’t reality. I think there is something about not losing that makes me feel less respectful of the bulge that is left. When I was really pushing it, I took pictures in my bathing suit – bigger than I am today. I took pictures in my workout gear – much, much bigger than I am right now.  But now? Bring on the girdle!

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