I was wrong – I gained

So I went to Weight Watchers yesterday and instead of losing as expected, I was up 1.8 pounds. Oops. The nice lady at the desk asked if I was wearing really heavy pants and my first reaction was no, of course not. But it turns out, they were! I was wearing jeans and I came home last night and weighed them and compared them to the khakis I usually wear on Fridays. They WERE 1.1 pounds heavier than the ones I normally wear to WW on Friday! So I really gained .7 pounds. Not great and I can and will work on being more consistent with exercise and the snacking that’s been plaguing me lately. But I’m still under what I weighed when I started maintenance, so I’m okay.

Nope. That’s a big fat lie.

I am SO not okay. I LIKED it when I was on “maintenance” but was losing. Now that I’m on maintenance and have gained some, not so okay with that, even if I am still below what I weighed when I declared the break from losing.

So I’ve had my hot lemon water and I’ve made a fresh batch of protein power oatmeal for the week. Last night I baked eggplant and brown rice, spaghetti squash and chicken breast. I will be a healthy eating fiend all week! Snacking on raw almonds, yogurt, veggies and cottage cheese. One piece of fruit with cheese every day. Veggies, brown rice and chicken for lunch. Exercise every day.

So what about today? Saturday, the sun is shining and I’m going to try and get the family outside for some roller blade time. I have to work tomorrow morning, then we are going to the zoo.

And now, for a cup of coffee with my husband.

One thought on “I was wrong – I gained

  1. It must be hard to shift from being constantly goal-oriented to constantly crafting a good present. Do you harness yourself to other goals or refashion your relationship with time? I recall you have an end point for this maintenance phase, but in lifelong maintenance, I would think, the trouble is that you’re never done, the way you are with a goal. Anyway, I am so appreciative of your candor, self-knowledge, and wonderful writing skills.

    Now that I’ve watched BL, I know just what you’re talking about–but I can think of several people in previous seasons who coudn’t even walk, and they couldn’t get sent home for love or money. Well, I guess money was the reason they were still there.

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