After the Rain

Yesterday really turned out beautiful in Atlanta. About three o’clock I managed to get outside and discovered blue sky, sunshine and beautiful fall foliage.  It’s good to remember that the sun really is still there, especially on those days when it is hiding!

Yesterday I had the chance to talk with someone at work who said he has been inspired by me and has lost 24 pounds already! His goal is to lose 71, so he is going to write down his food journal for a few days and bring it to me so I can give him some pointers. I can’t wait! I’ll also point him in the direction of the Daily Plate, Fit Tracker and the other tools that I used when I was getting started. And that I should still be using…

Yep. Haven’t tracked for a few days. It is just astonishing to me how dedicated I feel and then the actual result is that I rarely track more than 3 days. Oh well, back on the tracking track! I’ll try to write down what I ate yesterday but there’s usually something you forget if you don’t do it right away.

This morning I popped awake before 6 and got up and going. I have my hot water with lemon, as soon as I’m finished I’ll warm up my protein power oatmeal and then after breakfast I’ll get my vitamins packed for the next two weeks.  When I don’t do that, which I didn’t do Monday or Tuesday, I end up only getting my B12, Vitamin D, multivite and calcium.  It is too much trouble to dig out 17 different pills and take them. So I just need to stick to my goals and pack them up. I now pack them up every two weeks and make 15 packets so that if I don’t get to it, I have an extra. Maybe I would have done it on Sunday if I hadn’t had the extra? Something to think about.

Couldn’t connect to the internet yesterday morning when I first woke up, so I worked on my fiction writing yesterday.  Didn’t write much creative new stuff, but I did make some good edits and flush out the outline of what I already wrote. I read it to my son, who is my target age group and he liked it, plus he had some really good suggestions for things to change. We’ll collaborate on this and I’ll write and read to him, then he’ll help me make it more interesting. He’s already asked for more excitement, so I’ve got to think up something that “is exciting, but not dangerous and not too scary”. You got it, kiddo!

I’m really looking forward to next week. I get Thursday and Friday off, plus no weekend work for a change. Four days to socialize, cook, sleep late and get in some kick-ass exercise.  Ha! Didn’t think that’s where I was going with that, did you?  I want to go on the long-delayed bike ride we’ve been planning. Thursday won’t work, that’s the holiday. Saturday we might can squeeze it in, then there’s a potluck at 5pm. Sunday is belly dancing. Right now, only Friday doesn’t have any commitments. But I was thinking that we might drive up to the Tennessee Aquarium on Friday. We have a season’s pass there and it would be fun to spend the day there.

Today is my weight training day – and I want to do another power walk. I think I’ll crank that up to 20 minutes, since I’m not running. Plus, I need to start working up to being able to do a 13.2 mile power walk for next May’s Walk the Walk Moonwalk event in London.  My best friend from college and I have formed a team called the “Boola Boolas”. We are going to wear blue bras with bulldog heads on the front and bulldog butts on the back. The whole idea of the walk is to raise money and awareness for breast cancer, so all the participants wear a bra for the walk. Just a bra. But they decorate them and it looks like they have a blast.  Here’s a picture:

It is an evening walk, and you can choose to do the full or half marathon. We went for the half this year. We can always try the full next year.

So have a fabulous day and where ever you are, remember that the sun is still shining.

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