Getting Ready for Ski Season

My husband went to Rocky Mountain Ski shop yesterday. He spent several hours learning about the new ski and boot technology and came home recommending that I get new boots. Maybe new skis.

I don’t think so. I’ve had my skis a long time, but they haven’t had that much use, frankly. Besides, even if they are old technology, I know how they work and I’m comfortable in them. So this ski season – however much ski time I get – will be spent in the old and familiar.

We’ve got seasons passes to Heavenly this year. Lake Tahoe, on the border between Nevada and California. We’re actually staying on the Nevada side – it is much less expensive. I think that is because you don’t get the great views from your condo. But seriously? Why would I be INSIDE my condo during the day? I’m there to ski, baby! I’m going to soak up the fabulous California sun, work on my skiing so I can ski a black diamond with my son and husband this year. The last time I skied a black diamond was not pretty. I wasn’t prepared for how steep, how unforgiving it was. But Tahoe has a less green than most resorts and I’m feeling a lot braver. So I’m going to take a lesson – maybe even a snow boarding lesson – and see how good I can get this season. We’re going for a week in January to start. Then the boys are going to set up the Brier Patch Academy (home school) in the same condo for a month in February/March. I will go out for at least the first and last week. It would be great to go for the entire time, maybe work remotely. I’ll have to see how that goes over with my boss. She’s amazingly cool and has other folks on her team that work in other states, so we’ll see.

It would be nice not to miss the boys so much this time. It was hard last year, harder than I expected. I stayed busy with boot camps and working on my weight loss, but even I was still a bit lonely. It was harder for my son, of course. Skype is great, but there’s nothing like a hug.

I’m doing a lot of leg work in the gym and as I crank up the weights on the leg press, I’m thinking ski season, ski season, ski season. Also squats. Then there are the arms and shoulders. It is always amazing to me how much you use your arms in skiing. Just holding your ski poles up all day can be exhausting if you are out of shape.

I also need to do some ab work. But that’s all vanity. I got a new ski suit. I say new, you all know I found it at the Goodwill! It is gorgeous. A Marker women’s size 8 petite and it fits me pretty much perfectly everywhere except the belly. I mean, it zips, but it is tight in that one area. But for $8, I’m pretty happy. Some of the nicer one piece suits can cost $3000. Can you imagine paying $3000 for a ski suit? Nope. Me, either.  So a little belly work and my $8 bargain should fit nicely by January. Planks are the thing, apparently. I was reading Fit magazine last night before I went to sleep and the advice now is to limit sit-ups and crunches to three sets of 15 and to do 10 sets of 30 second planks instead. Cathy, the trainer I was working with during the body challenge, has me doing 3 planks for 60 seconds, which is hard, hard, hard. So I might try alternating that with the 10 sets of 30 second ones. I can usually make it for 45 seconds before I look at the clock, so maybe 6 at 45 seconds? I’ll see how that does.

The other thing I’m thinking about doing is buying some training sessions. My goal is to get in three weight lifting sessions a week, but I’m only getting in 2 usually. If I do Monday and Wednesday on my own, and I meet her either Friday or Saturday then I’d definitely push myself to get the three. I’ll have to check her schedule and see how that works out. (Thanks for the great idea, Lana!)

Well, gotta get dressed and get to my Weight Watchers meeting. I did a one day LPT (liquid protein training) yesterday to try to get my cravings under control. Worked beautifully. I probably should do another one soon, but I just don’t like to eat fake food. I’ll focus on eating real food that’s real healthy today. And we’ll see where the weight is today. It would be nice if it was back down from the 1.8 (heavy jeans! LOL) from last week. We’ll see.

Feeling a lot better the last two days. The sunlight therapy has helped. My husband is building me a sunrise clock, going to try that tonight and see if that helps, too.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend.

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