A Cooking Fool

Today is Saturday and I am cooking up a storm! I feel like an episode of Rachel Ray Week in A Day (great show, by the way!) I’m preparing dinner to help celebrate my Aunt and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary weekend tonight in Columbia, SC.  Here’s the menu for the dinner:

French Onion Soup
Baked Ham
Mac and Cheese
Dijon Green Beans
Blueberry Trifle

First I fired up the oven and took the ham out of the oven. While it was reaching room temperature, I sliced about 6 pounds of onions and carmelized them to make a big crockpot of french onion soup. It needs to cook for about 6 hours, so I wanted to get that going first thing.

Once the soup was going, I prepped and wrapped the ham and got it in the oven. Next I blanched 3 pounds of green beans and whipped up a quick Dijon lemon vinaigrette. Once the beans were lightly cooked, I rinsed them in cold water until cool, then drained them and added the vinaigrette and popped them into the fridge to crisp.

After a quick coffee with protein powder, I heated a pot of water for the pasta, while I made a huge batch of cheese sauce for a party size macaroni and cheese. Cooked three pounds of whole wheat fusilli and mixed that into the sauce, then spread it out in my biggest baking dish, covered it with cheese and bread crumbs and wrapped it up to cool while I got on with the dessert.

dessert is one of my favorite: an English style trifle: layers of pound cake, drenched with homemade blueberry sauce (made with splenda), then topped with a layer of sugar free blueberry jam. Next I spread on a layer of cooked custard and covered that with blueberries. It is wrapped and in the fridge. For dinner, I’ll scoop it into clear plastic cups and top with whipped cream.

Depending on how many people are there, there should be plenty of food. If not, someone can race to the grocery store and grab some salad and rolls to fill in the gaps.

Well,  I need to slice up my ham, now that it’s cooked and has had a chance to rest. Then I’m going to have a bath and make myself look fabulous before packing up the food and heading out for the 3 1/2 hour drive to Columbia.

Can’t wait to see the family and dig into that ham and those yummy green beans! Have a great weekend!

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