Sick Days and Protein Pancakes

Thank goodness for technology. I remember the old days when I was sick and working as a contractor. I don’t get paid for sick days, so I would dose myself up and cover up the symptoms with drugs and makeup and go in anyway. Just call me Typhoid Mary.

Now I’m super vigilent about staying home when I get the first signs of being sick, but that’s because I know I can use my VPN and remote into my desktop. Considering I spend most of my day working with a team based in Seattle, my being at my kitchen table instead of my desk just isn’t that big a deal. So I get my hours and I don’t (intentionally) contaminate anyone.

About two months ago I got a sore throat AFTER I went to work. I came home, but apparently, not before I gave it to almost everyone in the office. For weeks people were dropping like flies, one after the other, same symptoms.  So this time when I got a sore throat, I stayed home and yep, it morphed into a cold/flu last night. I’m so glad I didn’t put it down to seasonal allergies and post nasal drip. I hate it when I’m Typhoid Mary!

So today I’m sitting with a cup of tea, trying to get past the sore throat so I can eat some breakfast. I think I’m going to treat myself to a protein pancake that is supposed to blast away belly fat.  This is from Coach Josh’s bellyblasting site and makes one pancake:

Slim Body Protein Pancake Recipe

1 scoop of Slimbody Matrix Shake (I like the Vanilla Cake Batter Flavor the best)
1 large egg
1 tbs organic multigrain pancake mix
1/2 tbs ground flaxseed
1/2 cup Quaker Oats slow cooked oats
1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk (adjust to desired thickness)

1/4 cup of blueberries (or other favorite berry)
1 tbs of pure maple syrup
Dollop of real whipped cream

I don’t have any almond milk, so I Googled how to make it at home, since I have raw almonds. This is from Wikihow:

Almond Milk


  • 1.5 cups or 220 grams of raw almonds (unsalted, uncooked)
  • 4 cups or 940 millilitres of filtered or spring water
  • 1 vanilla bean; scoop out the seeds; alternatively, use 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence or extract
  • Soak the almonds in water overnight. Do this for at least 8 hours, up to about 12 hours. The soaking softens them well for use, but is optional. Drain the water from the almonds.
  • Blend the almonds in 4 cups of fresh spring or filtered water. Add the vanilla extract and continue blending until well mixed.
  • Sweeten to taste if desired. If you want to sweeten the almond milk, add agave syrup, rice syrup, honey or other reasonably healthy sweetener, to taste.
  • Strain. This is very important or you will be drinking almond pulp as well as the milk. Using something like a very fine strainer or sieve, or several layers of cheesecloth (muslin), pour the almond milk through the filter into a large bowl underneath. The filter will retain the almond pulp and the liquid will go through.
  • Squeeze the remaining pulp to remove the last of the liquid. It is easier if done using a cloth; otherwise, use your very clean hands.   The almond meal left over can be dried and used to add more fiber to your diet 
  • Store. Almond milk can be kept in the refrigerator for 4-7 days, covered. It will usually need shaking before serving, to remix the liquid.
  • Use. Almond milk can be used with a range of foods where you would use dairy milk, such as for cooking, for cereals, for drinking, etc. Those who love almond milk often find drinking it is best.

I want to put on a big pot of chicken soup, but we are out of chicken. How can that be????

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Sick Days and Protein Pancakes

  1. Hope you feel better!
    Since I was too impatient to wait for the almonds to soak, here is what I ended up making and they tasted marvelous:
    1 cup nonfat cottage cheese
    3 eggs
    1 cup whole grain oat cereal or whole oats (not instant)
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    1/2 cup blueberries (to be added as you cook the pancakes)

    Put the whole thing in the blender and then added enough water to get the right consistency – about 2 tablespoons.
    Served with a tiny drizzle of pure maple syrup and a teeny dollop of whipped cream.

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