Happy Thanksgiving!

I am sitting with my family in the living room. My son is playing quietly, talking himself through some game that he’s made up to go with the Lego pieces he is playing with. My husband is puttering around on the computer. We started out day with hugs and kisses and then sat talking over a great cup of coffee. Now we’ve just finished a wonderful breakfast that my husband made for us.

My heart is so full of gratitude for my life. So many things that I have to be grateful for. The whole list is too long, but here’s the top few:

  • My husband and the fact that our relationship has just gotten stronger through all the challenges of the last year and a half
  • My son and the joy that being his mom brings to my life
  • Our beautiful dogs – my two old girls who have been with us for over 12 years and the new puppy who has brought a lot of energy back to their lives
  • Our home – warm and safe – and messy! I’m starting to realize the mess is the living part
  • Our life – with Fred homeschooling and taking care of us, we are so much less stressed. Broke maybe, but happy!
  • My job – so grateful to have one and be working for nice people in a nice environment on an interesting project. Thankful for the fact that the hours suit my health and lifestyle and I can work and be healthy
  • My friends without whom life would be so dull
  • My family and knowing that I have the chance to keep working on those relationships
  • The people who have helped me get healthy this past year: my therapist, Rebecca More; my doctor, Rick Finley; my Weight Watcher’s leader, Jane Brown; my trainers, Stephen, Cathy, Phillip, Moe and Andre; my nutritionist, Alyssa Winters; my support group, beforeandafterhelp.com; my team at Laurette Medical group.
  • My health – and the chance to start 2011 as a NORMAL person. I’ve never had a whole year of being physically normal – mentally normal might have to wait for 2012 or might just be an unrealistic goal!
  • My writing voice – being able to sit down and put words to paper (computer) and not feel blocked and stifled like I did for so long
  • My dreams – and the chance to keep chasing them

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. This is so beautiful–I’m so hugely glad for you that you’ve had this chance to make so many things right. Best to you and yours.

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