Tragic Focus

The holiday was wonderful, but then I heard some tragic news that keeps sucking me into a dark place. Brace yourself: a second cousin of mine accidentally backed over his three-year old daughter and killed her. I don’t know him very well and I never met his little girl, Alyssa Marie, but I cannot get this horrible story out of my head. In addition to the grief and shock they must all be going through, they are also very poor and cannot afford the cost of burying their baby. I have been asked to think of ways to help and have to admit that I’m stumped and can’t seem to get past the horrible story to the action of doing something to help. 

How do you raise a couple of thousand dollars quickly? Are there organizations that do this? What about churches? Synagogues or temples? Can I put together a yard sale, bake sale, or go door to door? Start a phone tree? Post on Facebook? I’ve got some clothes I could take to the consignment store. I have to pay to board my dogs for two weeks in December/January, maybe I could ask my sister to do it and donate the money to the family instead? I have a beach cruiser I’m not using, I could sell that for $100 and donate that.

All I know is that it would be so much easier to focus if I could get the nightmare of that moment out of my head. Or if there was something real that I could do to help. If you have any ideas or can help, give me a shout – I could use some suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Tragic Focus

  1. Oh, Karen. How awful. I know how it is to not be able to get something out of your head. A young man was killed in my town about a week ago on icy roads. I can’t stop thinking about him and his family.
    I have just a couple ideas. I would call your local funeral home and ask for ideas about getting help for this family even if they aren’t from where you live. Funeral homes must get asked that a lot. Another idea would be to call your local social service office for some ideas. There must be some way to get them some help. Bless your heart for wanting to help.
    I’ll be thinking about you and your family.

  2. That is frickin horrible. I cannot even imagine.

    I would say that a church would be a good idea. We could also set up a Facebook event with a link to donate. I would be more than happy to put it on all of the KU pages. PayPal links are pretty easy to use, I actually have a couple PayPal account and people could donate thrugh that and then I could pass the money along to you.
    This is just a terrible story. Call me when you get a minute and I will help you maker this happen.

  3. Try churches. Some funeral homes & cemeteries help people who can’t afford it. With our situation, there isn’t anything left to sell. But I will help however I can

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