Hanukkah started on Wednesday night. We have a tiny little fir tree that is our Hanukkah bush and we put up some lights and a few decorations and we set out lots of candles. All the bright lights, plus spending each night focused on family have really been wonderful. Each night my husband has made a wonderful meal for us and we light the menorah and say the prayers and eat together. Then we open our gift for the evening. Little things, simple things. Books, movies, games. My son got one big present – a new galaxy tab which he loves. Last night he got the movie How to Train your Dragon. Awesome movie. Can’t believe we missed it in the theaters, but it is just as well, because we have HAD to buy it, because I want to see it again immediately!

It was nice to feel so happy last night. It has been a hard week. A long desired job became available, only to find that the salary offered is too low. It is not enough to allow me to support our family and let my husband continue to stay home and homeschool our son.  Worse is that if I don’t take that, there is a chance they won’t be able to renew my contract at my current rate at the end of the month. I can’t afford a rate cut, so all in all, this has been a pretty stressful couple of days.

I’ve started doing a bit of networking, just to see what is available. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay where I am, but I can’t count on that. My husband pointed out that I actually really love getting a new contract. A new project, new people, new skills. I like how quickly I can get up to speed and contribute. How soon the praise starts rolling in. A new whole new audience for collecting the “atta girls” I love so much.

So today, I’m looking on the bright side and focusing on what is going well. Today I am grateful for so many things:

– My best friend sent me FOUR boxes of my favorite tea from London

– I am getting new running shoes today

– I have graduated to the Weight Watchers level 5 walking plan and can easily walk 4 miles per hour.  Ready to start working on 5 mph this week.

– I started the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program and really enjoyed the first day – love learning new stuff, trying new recipes and shaking up my weight loss

– I was down another .6 yesterday, putting me back to 176 so I am still maintaining since October 1st

All things considered, life is good.

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