Chocolate Cherry Trifle

Chocolate Cherry Trifle

I tried Linda’s flourless chocolate cake yesterday for Hanukkah, but it fell apart when I tipped it out of the pan. After the swearing stopped, I thought, how can I use broken, crumbled cake? Ah! Trifle!
So how can I make a WLS friendly trifle?

I bought a can of sour cherries packed in water (no sugar added) and a large container of Fage Total greek yogurt 0% fat. I mixed the cherries and juice with some splenda granular and poured over the crumbled cake to moisten it. Then I mixed splenda with the yogurt and spooned that in over the top. I had JUST enough canned whipped cream (NSA) in the fridge to make a pretty circle around the edge.

The result was stunning! First, no one believed I used black beans in the cake. It was too die for! And then the yogurt tasted just like custard/pudding and everyone just loved it. It was almost gone before I thought to take a picture – here’s what’s left of my serving!


Oh and if you want to try it, I did it with the brown sugar splenda blend that is half brown sugar and half splenda. Might be why it crumbled….but it tasted great!

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Cherry Trifle

  1. Oh, no!! I’ve had that happen, too…and it’s frustrating beyond belief!! But the trifle is a fab idea and I’m so glad you loved the cake – broken or not!

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