When Then and Now

My friend Teresa did an analysis on her blog about how much she exercised last year, when she was losing weight. She kept track of how many minutes of exercise she did and compared it to now, when she is on maintenance. That got me thinking – you know how I love metrics!

When I was MO, I did little or no exercise. My weight fluctuated based on what I was eating, which was whatever I wanted. When I thought about being healthy, I concentrated on eating healthier foods, but rarely reigned in the quantity until right before WLS.

Then when I started trying to lose weight, I worked up to doing at least an hour of exercise every day. On weekends I often did 2, so I was getting 7-9 HOURS of exercise every week. What I was eating was also very lean and due to WLS, very small quantities.

Now I’m trying to “maintain” and I’m doing 45 minutes about 5 days a week.  I’m mostly walking right now, as getting my butt out of bed is hard enough, and getting said butt to the gym feels almost impossible. Notice I said almost. I think I could do it. I just really, really don’t want to and I’ve convinced myself I’m not trying to lose, just maintain.

I am maintaining right now. The goal is to maintain for 3 months and then set a new 5% goal. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a good thing and how tired my mind and body was of trying to lose more weight after three years of weight loss. It’s a journey, not the destination, blah, blah, blah. I want to weigh 146 pounds and I want it right now!!

Oh sorry, temper tantrum! Where were we?

Oh right. The good news is that my blood sugar was 89 this morning. Love that. I remember, even on meds, when it was often closer to 200 and a few scary times right before WLS when it got over 200.

More good news: my weight was 173.5 on my scale this morning – a nice fluctuation down of almost 3 pounds since Friday. Makes me realize how tracking every single bite I eat helps me. I’ve been doing that since Friday with the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program. I have stuck to my points every day and used only a few extra points for Hanukkah goodies like the chocolate cherry trifle.

I remember when the trifle would have been made from pound cake: pound of flour, pound of butter, pound of sugar, pound of eggs….pound cake!. Instead of a no flour, splenda sweetened BEAN cake! And full fat, full sugar, homemade custard instead of fat free, splenda sweetened yogurt.  When it would have been filled with sweetened fruit and dripping with sherry or whatever booze I used to moisten the cake, instead of the splenda sweetened sour cherry juice I use now. And let’s not forget the full sugar jam or fruit syrup. I entered it on the tracker and a one cup serving of the old recipe would be 15 points. Three times what my new version is. That we love. How about that?

I also “splurged” yesterday on some trail mix. I used to think that trail mix was a very healthy snack. And it is. But it has a lot of points, even for a 1/4 cup serving. I remember when I didn’t measure and just ate the whole bag. If I bothered to track I’d write down 1 serving trail mix. Ha! Yesterday I had 1/4 cup and then a few bites more and felt uncomfortably full for hours.

The points tracker on weight watchers isn’t bad. Not as good as the one on LiveStrong dailyplate, and there aren’t enough items in their database. But it helps me figure out the new pointsplus system. They really need to figure out the problems with the active x plugins, though. Here is a snap shot of what my food journal looked like yesterday:

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