27 in 2011

Today I started watching the Julia Child/Julia Powell story – Julia & Julia. I’m really enjoying it and the movie has started me thinking about my own writing dreams and how I just don’t seem to work on them.  I love the idea of setting a challenge to work on something for a year. Something you are excited about.

So here’s my challenge for 2011: I am going to lose the last 27 pounds in 2011. That will put me at 146 pounds – lighter than I’ve been since high school and a pound under the “normal” range for my height. Then I know that if I gain even a pound while in maintenance, I’ll be back in the overweight category where I am now. Plus, it rhymes: 27 in 2011. I think I’ll get a t-shirt printed up!

At 146 pounds, I will have lost a total of 175 pounds – more than 50% of my starting body weight.

So here’s the plan: Weight Watchers PointsPlus program, power walking and strength training. This is all stuff I’m doing now (though I’ve been slacking off on the strength training.)  I’ll focus on adding in some serious exercise days on the weekends: long bike rides, hiking, swimming, yoga and roller blading which is the December “try something new” activity. Plus the two- three days a week of strength training. No money for bootcamp this year, but I can do a lot on my own. Maybe some kickboxing classes to kick things up. Oh and I’m going skiing – all good, calorie burning stuff.

One thought on “27 in 2011

  1. I love the new banner and the pictures on each side! You are really good at this website stuff! I wonder how you’ll feel about the movie when you’ve seen all if it. I found it really interesting, enjoyable, and thought-provoking, but I liked some aspects of it better than others.

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