Nothing to Say

Not a lot to say today (edited: not true – I am just embarrassed to write it  – see the bottom for update).  I woke up early, which I haven’t done in ages. Sitting now with my lovely cup of english breakfast tea, thanks to a gift package from my friend.   I took a look at my new website banner and I really like most of it. I need a new “now” picture though.  That one is several months old. I have a few pictures, but  haven’t really uploaded since the last boot camp. Something about the way bootcamp made me feel really helped with posting pictures. Leaner, stronger, more fit. I think I need to take a kickboxing class and get fired up again. Just walking is okay, but not great and I’m going for great.

I have been trying to motivate myself by reading my posts from this time last year. I was pretty excited a year ago about moving from the 230’s down to the 220’s:

Oh boy did it hurt to crawl out of bed this morning! I’ve been working out 6 days a week and I was trying to convince myself that I really needed a day of rest. Then I remembered that I was probably down below 230 and into my 220’s so I crawled out into the cold, rainy morning just so I could weigh myself! My kickboxing class was very, very challenging this morning. My husband reminded me (when I was complaining about how hard it was) that I kept increasing the challenge and if I was still doing what I started doing in July, then it WOULD be easy! But I’m now doing 95% of a 50 minute kickboxing workout so I should expect it to be hard!
It is paying off – I was in a serious slump, but the pounds and inches are starting to come off faster now. I have to remind myself of that every morning to force myself up and out of the house.
Teresa is right- that first step out of bed is the hardest and it might always be – I’ll just have to get used to it, because I am NOT going back to the 230’s, much less the 300’s!

And look at the “wimpy” workout I did December 2009:

It was super hard to get going today:
Warmed up with a very slow 8 minutes and 45 second mile on the elliptical
Stretched for 10 minutes ( the usual stuff)
Then did some circuit training:
– Bench press
– Triceps’ press
– Pull up bar (practiced jumping up and then hanging for longer)
– Big Ropes
– Passing the medicine ball from one hand to the other
– Bosu ball squats
– Jump rope (I think this is what hurt my incision last Monday night…)
– Leg press
– Floor presses – whatever you call the thing where you touch the floor with the barbell and lift your back leg up
– Russian sit ups (80)
– Pushups (45)
– No idea what they are called – when you lie on your back and squeeze/press up your butt (60)
Tried to do some fast walking on the treadmill, but the knees gave out after 5 minutes, so finished up with 5 minutes of sprints on the elliptical (under 4 minutes for ½ a mile this time) 

I did notice I was not only slow today, but giving myself slightly longer recovery times and not pushing as hard on the speed. I sweated and pushed it on the weights, though, especially the leg press! Pressing 200 lbs now.

Added for honesty’s sake: Last night was not great. Stressed about work and money and I came home and ate crap all night. Started with leftover  rice noodles and chicken and veggies  that I fried in a little butter and a lot of canola oil. Then I had three small slices of toasted french bread slathered in butter and dunked in coffee. Then I had some frozen grapes. Then I had 1/2 an english muffin with peanut butter and full sugar grape jelly. Then I had a piece  of toasted french bread with a cheese stick.   Then I had a protein smoothie. All of this huge amount of food in about four hours. Good grief, Charlie Brown!  I’m only into week two of my b12 shot, so I can’t really blame it on that. It is stress eating and the  very worst kind – grazing every hour or so which means that I’m always able to eat another bite. Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Today, a little protein fast to make up for the chaos of last night and nip those carb  cravings in the bud and then back to a healthy dinner tonight.

2 thoughts on “Nothing to Say

  1. Writing really seems to center you, Karen. What if you wrote on your blog in the evenings as a way to deal with the stress, remember your goals, focus on your improved health, etc? It just might help you with the stress eating. Sometimes I write in my head before I ever get to the blog or to paper. If you can’t be at your computer because of family things, write it in your head. You are so strong and focused in the morning…get some of that back in the evenings!

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