Weekend Cooking

Today is Saturday and I’ve already cooked breakfast for the family. I did a little “english breakfast” with tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, toast, Canadian bacon and eggs. With such a variety, I only get a few bites of everything, but it is fun. And all the veggies mean that you are getting less meat and eggs. I love using Canadian bacon and whole wheat english muffins. Even though I’m only having half a muffin and one slice of bacon, I still want it to be nutritionally dense – lots of fiber and high in protein, low in fat.

Now I’m roasting some onion and pepper sausages for a big pan of no-noodle lasagna I’m going to bake. I am also thawing out some ground sirloin. In a few minutes I’ll get dressed and power walk to the store to get zucchini, ground turkey, cottage cheese and ricotta to finish up the recipe. I have heard great things about using long slices of zucchini in place of the noodles, and my son LOVES lasagna, so this should be fun. Plus, I get in a 7 mile walk (3.5 miles each way) and test my new power walking skills on the street. If I take a backpack, I should be able to haul home all the groceries with no problem.

It’s a beautiful day, super cold, but sunny and blue skies. Perfect walking weather. When I get home, I’m going to make my lasagna and then another batch of the flourless chocolate cake/brownies made with black beans. So yummy last week and super healthy. Can’t wait to try some of the suggestions I heard – adding splenda sweetened greek yogurt as a topping, spreading a slice with almond or peanut butter, and toasting it for a biscotti-like result.  I love the fact that we can eat delicious food and still lose weight and be healthy. And I love that I can still cook all weekend. I still cook enough for 12 people, can’t seem to help that. But now I just pack up half or more into the freezer and know that we’ll have something super yummy for one of our no-cook week night meals.

Well, gotta get dressed and head out on my walk. Have a great weekend!

Update: the walk was long and well – long – but I made it 6.5 miles in about 2 hours. Not my best speed, but enjoyable. Got cold and windy, glad I wore a hat and took gloves – I needed them!

The whole wheat noodle version of the lasagna came out great – we had it for lunch. It was indeed vast – there is enough left over for at least 3 more meals, maybe 4, for all three of us.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of making the noodle version first and then ran out of the cheese mix for the no-noodle zucchini version. I made double of everything else, not sure what I was thinking when I bought the cheese mixture items. Going to run back to the store and get more and make the other batch for dinner.  Then we’ll have enough lasagna to make it through the winter, even if we have it every week!


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