New Support Group

Finally! An in person, real live support group that I can attend! Dr. Rick Finley’s patients meet once a month on Mondays at Emory University Midtown (aka Crawford Long if you are an old-time resident of Atlanta) at 6pm.  I’ve volunteered to help them set up an online presence so they can share info and help all Dr. Finley’s patients – even those who live hours away from Atlanta.  I’m excited!

Last night I met another Karen – the surgical nurse who helped with both my surgeries. She runs the group. We had an impressive presentation from a high school senior’s project. Interesting survey results. Then there was Stacey, who works with Dr. Finley to provide nutritional counseling, talked about basic nutrition and vitamins. She’s also a personal trainer and works extensively with the bariatric community in Lake Oconee.

I initially thought, hey, I know all that. (Ha – such a know-it-all!) But it was well put together and I DID learn something. Several things, really:

One, I have not recalculated my protein requirements since before my surgery. I am now getting almost double the protein that I really need.  Her recommendation was 1 gram of protein for every kilogram of body weight. I had to get help with the math, but 172 pounds times 2.2 conversion rate = 78 grams of protein required – NOT 128. Ooops!

Another thing she was very helpful about was the whole net carbs, absorbed carbs marketing lingo. That’s all it is – the companies invent that stuff and then lure us in with whatever they want to put on the label. Here’s her guidelines:

Count half the sugar alcohols as carbs/sugar. Some people, (moi!) must count them all, because they really have an impact on our blood sugar and cause severe digestive upsets. Translation: eat them and pay! The sugar alcohols are sorbitol, manitol, etc – all those things you find in sweets designed for diabetics. Sigh.

The other thing that got me was that I’ve always counted all the fiber in a serving and subtracted it from the carb count. Her recommendation is to only count it IF it is 5 grams or more of fiber. Dang it! No wonder my weight loss has stalled for so long. I’m DEFINITELY getting too many carbs if I change the way I’m counting them. But it’s good to know this stuff. This is a life long change – I’m not going to get it perfect right off the bat. Might take me another 50 or 60 years!

Also got to taste test the celebrate vitamins. I loved the multi-vitamin, but the calcium was big and thin, versus medium and thick like my Bariatric Advantage calcium. Plus, didn’t really like the flavor. Got a few more, including Purity, to try. Also a reminder that I’m not supposed to take my calcium at the same time as my multivitamin because of the iron in there. Dang it! I had forgotten that over the last year and I always take them in the same half hour time frame. Drat! More change! But it is so important because osteoporosis is not pretty and it could be years before I notice that I have a problem. Must be proactive on that front.

Well, gotta get some of my spiced pumpkin oatmeal going and then get on the treadmill. I feel a bit sore from yesterday, but not as much as I expected. I suspect the soreness is from trying to go too fast on my warmup. I’m going to stick to the 2.5 mile an hour warmup and crank up the speed to 4.2 as soon as I can and keep it there for the rest of the walk. That should still get me to 4 miles in 60 minutes.

It is cold today. Just want to say a big thank you to my father in law who gave me my treadmill before my surgery last year. It would not be fun to have to go outside and get in my frozen car and drive to the gym this morning. It really is the no-excuse workout!

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