My Love

I just wrote this in response to someone who is having questions about a relationship and realized, I need to tell the world about my love:

I just wanted to add a few words – I have had nearly 20 years of dating not so perfect guys, and have now had about 15 years with a really sweet, wonderful man who still isn’t perfect – darn it! 

But what he would never do, ever, is tell me that I was letting myself go or point out my flaws because he knows those are hurtful. He has known me for over 15 years, through Super Morbid Obesity (SMO) and thinner, but even when we were first together, he went out of his way, even on a bad day, to find something about me that he loves. He will stare dreamily into my eyes and tell me how beautiful and smart and wonderful I am. He will stroke my hair (even on a bad hair day) and tell me how he loves the shiny, dark, dense brown of it. He will point out some muscle that is starting to show or a leg or arm that looks lean. He’ll notice that I’m wearing new smaller pants or a fitted jacket.

Hell, he may be perfect after all.

I love you. You are my best friend. My partner. My fellow chef. My soul mate.

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