Surviving the Holidays

There’s a lot going on this time of year: festive parties, cold weather comfort food, stress from travel, shopping and let’s not forget the ever exciting contract renewal fun. I keep getting on the scale and expecting weight gain, but so far, it has been a pretty steady up, down, up, down within a few pounds of my starting point on 10/10/2010, which was: “weight: 175, Waist: 34 inches, Hips: 37 inches, Pants size: 12 (some 10′s); Tops: size 10/Medium”

On Friday I weighed in at Weight Watchers at 174.4 – up a pound and a half from last week, and still under my starting point for my three month maintenance period. I feel a little flabbier. I know that is from not doing any strength training. Every day I think about it and every day I am just grateful that I can get up and get walking.

I am pushing myself on the walking – yesterday I walked 7 miles in just under 2 hours. My legs are a little sore this morning, but mostly it’s my neck that hurts, which is not unexpected as I keep forgetting to go to the chiropractor. I’ll do some stretching and soaking and see if I can get the kinks out, then get in for an adjustment on Tuesday morning before work.

This week is going to be interesting – a little quieter at work with so many people on vacation. That usually leaves me a little bored and munching is always a concern. I’ve cleared most of the crap out of my desk and I’ve asked for a new project to get started on, so hopefully that will keep me busy and healthy. What I’d really like to do is take my rollerblades into work and practice roller blading on the carpet all day.  Think I’d get in trouble?

Friday I’ll spend cooking and baking stuff to take over to my sister’s house for Christmas. I also need to make my holiday gifts and pack them up and label them. So that will be a good, busy day. Saturday will be my son and I at my sister’s house with my family.

Sunday I’d like to go see the Tron movie in 3D at the Imax theater, but did you know those things cost $17?? How crazy is that? For the cost of the movie, popcorn and drinks, we could buy the movie, popcorn and three sets of really fabulous 3D glasses for home.  I am so cheap.

Today I’m experimenting with some more WLS recipes: gingerbread with a lemon curd topping, the flourless chocolate cake made with Whey Low (finally got some!) and some as yet to be identified vegetable stew. Went a little crazy buying vegetables on Friday and the fridge is packed. Then between my walk yesterday and the birthday party last night, did no cooking. Oh – except for the fabulous quinoa pilaf I took to the party last night – it rocked!.

My other goals are to get my vitamins packed up for the next few weeks, get back to tracking my points on the new Weight Watchers program, clean my bedroom, do some laundry and sit down with my husband and pay the bills. Wow – busy day!

So get up and MOVE today! EAT and LIVE, then THINK about what you did. We’ll all make it through the holidays a little wiser and ready to MELT in January.

One thought on “Surviving the Holidays

  1. Boy, are you up early! Me too. I couldn’t sleep…my mind is going a mile a minute. Joe & I got back from FL a day late due to poor weather conditions but it didn’t really matter. The fact is that I needed to get going on Christmas shopping. And Joe & I did it together, which is a rarity. He’s off to a Titans game soon (yes, there is front on the cars). so we did some great shopping yesterday. Today Mom & I do Room In the Inn, where 15 homeless mes come toour church (every Sunday) and we will bring part of the meal being served to them. So after church, food to buy/make; wake up Rebecca & Michael & make breakfasat for them before they head back to GA, head up to KY to meet Jen for Todd’s gifts and then home to Room in the Inn. A productive & fun Sunday. Should be home in time to do some wrapping.
    Would love to hear about the holiday gifts you make. Would also love to get your quinoa pilaf recipe.
    I am up & free until @ 7:30 central time if you want to chat. If not, will catch you another time.


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