Tiger Tiger

Today I saw this posted on one of the WLS boards that I visit:

When you are an alcoholic, you put the tiger in the cage and leave it there. When you are a food
addict, you put the tiger in the cage, let it out for every meal, and hope it doesn’t eat you alive.

This resonates with me because when I treat my food addiction like a tiger, that is, cautiously, respectfully and with all my awareness, then I am successful. When I get complacent and start to take the tiger for granted, I get bitten, sometimes devoured.

So what to do? There’s no taming a tiger – just ask Siegfried & Roy, or what’s left of them. No matter how long my tiger stays calm and peaceful and well-behaved, at some point, it may turn on me. So I must stay ever vigilant.   Cautious. Respectful. Aware.

Well, its breakfast time! Here, kitty, kitty, kitty….

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