What do you believe?

I am waiting for the sun to rise after the end of the longest night. The solstice is over and starting now, each day will be a little longer until June 21, 2011 – the summer solstice. I believe our ancestors built stone monuments to mark the sun’s passage across the sky because they needed to believe that the sun would rise and the days would lengthen and warmth would come back into their lives.

Which made me think about what I believe:

I believe that the sun will rise and the grass will grow and spring will come again – every year.

I believe that it only takes one person to start a revolution that can change the world.

I believe I can reshape my life through my thoughts and actions and be strong and healthy.

I believe that you can start with nothing and create anything that you can dream.

I believe that there is more good than evil in the world.

I believe that love is the strongest and most widely available, but woefully under-utilized, power in the universe.

I believe that the sweetest things in life cost nothing, have no calories and are all around us.

I believe that love lasts through this life and long after we are gone.

I believe that the most beautiful thing in the world is the curve of your child’s cheek.

I believe that it is, and always has been, my choice to be happy.

I believe.

What do you believe?

5 thoughts on “What do you believe?

  1. Did you seriously just write that?? I’ve seen lots of similar statements but yours is the one that really moved me. Very beautiful!

  2. My first draft, Karen. Thanks for the great idea.

    What I believe…

    1. I believe in the basic goodness of most people.
    2. I believe I was born and I will die. How I spend the days in between is what matters.
    3. I believe in doing something fun every day. That can mean finding fun in the ordinary things I do.
    4. I believe in not doing things I don’t want to do. There are some unpleasant things in life that are necessary to do. I don’t mean those. But I try to avoid things that are done only out of a sense of obligation.
    5. I believe in spending my precious time with people I like and who like me back.
    6. I believe in eating the best food I can afford, the best wine I can afford, and I believe in wearing clothes that sparkle.
    7. I believe I was the best mother I knew how to be to my children but I believe I will always feel sad about things done and not done.
    8. I believe that stories are important. My stories, everyone’s stories. And I believe it’s all part of the story.
    9. I believe in the power of words. My experiences aren’t as rich if I can’t share them through words.
    10. I believe in connections between people. If I take the time to visit with people and listen to their stories, we make connections that help us get through life.

  3. I’m with you on all you believe and…
    I believe that family by love is sometimes better than family by blood.
    I believe that friends are what make the world go round and without them life is very lonely.
    I believe that every experience you have makes you a better person, a life with out pain would not show you how wonderful the small things in life can truly be.
    I believe that I am blessed beyond measure with the most wonderful husband and beautiful girls in the world and although life in not easy or perfect I would not change a thing!!

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