Holiday BLOB and WTF

I was just thinking how strange it is to wake up in my oh so quiet and sleeping Jewish household at 7:30 on a Christmas morning. All my sisters’ and brother’s families have probably been up since before dawn and are now surrounded with opened gifts and their Christmas morning breakfasts. When I was young I ALWAYS wanted those packaged, baked sweet rolls with the orange glaze you put on the top after they are baked. The scent of that takes me right back to being a child and those Christmas mornings.

Since I don’t eat that stuff anymore, last night I made up a big batch of BLOB – Brier’s Luscious Orange Bath – my own concoction – of sea salt, orange peel, olive oil and sweet orange oil and put them into pretty glass containers for my sisters and my brother – a non-food way to celebrate that memory. Then I made up a batch of Brier’s Winter Foot rescue (which I wish I’d thought to call WTF – Winter Time Feet)  – also my own concoction – with the lotion base from Hobby Lobby, some vitamin E and cocoa butter and then lots of lavender buds and lavender oil. Instructions are to warm in the microwave for 30 seconds and then slather on your feet, put on your socks and leave overnight. I hope that someday my nieces and nephews will have sensory memories of the holidays that remind them of something other than food!

Now I’m just about to whip up some huevos rancheros with crispy roast pork that has been cooking all night. How’s that for a fabulous taste/scent memory? Tonight we will have a beautiful roast chicken and celebrate the Shabbos together. (edited: my husband just pointed out that LAST night was the Shabbat. HA! Well, G-d won’t mind if we’re one day late. And if he does, it’s been nice blogging with you all!)

So whatever your religion, enjoy this day and your families and your SELF – both the new and the old.

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