Happy New Year 2011!

I got to go out dancing for New Year’s Eve last night. My husband and I got gussied up and went to the club where his parent’s live. DJ, party hats, noise makers and lots of people drinking and dancing. Best moment? Leaving and finding a fireplace with a sofa so we could hear ourselves talk! Second best moment (only because it was so cold) was the beautiful, clear, starry sky. If I’d had a sleeping bag, I would have stayed out, but I am a big wimp when it comes to cold. And then I wimped out on staying awake until midnight. Just snuggled in next to my husband and son and went to sleep.

I guess it’s true – we’re getting old. But you know? I’m okay with that, because the alternative really stinks. Looking back over 2010, I realize how many people I know didn’t make it to 2011 and  I can’t help thinking about them this morning: Andy, Sheila, Linda, Allyssa – you all were loved and will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to your families today as they face the first day of the first full year without you. Making it through the first holidays has got to be the worst part of that first horrible year. Their first birthday without them,  the first anniversary, first time you have to do anything without them.

So this post is for my husband and my son. To let you know how much I cherish you and that I treasure each and every minute of my time with you.  That way, if anything ever happens to either of us, I won’t spend my days regretting that I didn’t do this or didn’t do that.

My resolution this year: spend as much time with my family as possible. Have fun with them. Feel the love and give the love.

Happy New Year’s everyone!

One thought on “Happy New Year 2011!

  1. I hope you are having a blast. Sounds like a wonderful New Year’s Eve! You inspired me to get more organized & that is a lot of what I have been doing today. Sent Joe out to watch football with friends and I am organizing, throwing, filing and putting a bit of reading into the mix. Been a long couple of weeks and today is for me.

    Some time let me know to make Quinoa pilaf.

    Enjoy your vacation. You have one heck of a yr!

    I too thought of many friends that left us this yr. Life is too short and I need to be better @ communicating.


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