I’m back from vacation today – did you miss me? We had a great time in Tahoe and I learned to snow board and rode about two hours every day.

Did I just write that? Me? I learned how to snowboard? I think of snowboarders as those tall, lean California boys with elastic knees and fearless grins as they barrel down the slopes. My knees are definitely not elastic and are bruised and sore. So are my wrists, elbows, butt and the back of my head, despite my helmet! When we go back in February, I am definitely taking my Rollerblade pads and I think I’m going to splurge on one of those under shirt and pant sets that have built-in padding.

But yes. I learned to snow board. I went up on the lift, the gondola and skied one green and one blue run. I have to say, I like the blue better – it was a bit steeper, but didn’t have so many bodies strewn across it. Easy Street, near the top of the Heavenly gondola, on a Saturday in January, is more like Main Street. Crowded and lots of accidents! I think I’ll stick to Boulder lift next time, though the view from Heavenly is well, heavenly! I love being able to see the lake and the mountains so maybe I’ll have to find a nice, wide blue so I can enjoy the view.

Here are some of the pictures from the trip.

3 thoughts on “Snowboarding

  1. Great shots! Looks like a great family vacation. Love that blue jacket on you too! What fun.

    Did you bring the snow back with you?

  2. Way to go girl, my knees hurt just thinking of gliding down the snow on anything. Here’s to 2011 and to healthly living. Lots of love to you and and yours. Tami

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