Anger after WLS

I responded to a post on yesterday about the anger she felt after weight loss surgery and thought I’d share it here:


I can see that you had surgery recently and have already lost over almost 40 pounds. Have you EVER in your LIFE lost that much weight in 2 months? And you will lose MORE in the next few months, whether you are following those good, new habits or you let your old, bad habits sneak back in. But if you do that, eventually, you will gain most, if not all of the weight back.

I think you should be very aware of your anger. For me it was always an indication – kind of an x marks the spot – for areas that I needed to work on with my weight loss therapist.

I felt ANGRY that I couldn’t eat what I wanted to eat after the surgery and I learned….
that I had been eating what I wanted before the surgery, but it didn’t make me happy. So it won’t make me happy now. Happiness isn’t about eating what we want. It’s about doing what we want, living how we want and feeling good about ourselves.

I felt ANGRY that other people could sit around eating junk food in front of me and I learned…
I could set a good example and the people around me would follow my example instead of the other way around. Now many of the people in my office are like me and bring their lunch and often take nuts or fruit or just a drink into meetings, instead of chips or donuts or pizza – and a lot of people have lost weight in my office. Be the example you want to see.

I felt ANGRY when I thought that I have to eat like this for the rest of my life and I learned…
That I don’t have to eat this way, it is pretty easy to go back to the old ways after only a year. But – I WANT to eat this way and I CHOOSE to live this way so that I can continue to lose weight and stay healthy.

Those feelings were real and hard at the beginning, but with time and a lot of work, all this has become easier for me and the anger has faded. When it flares up again, I hope I can continue to be gentle with myself and listen to what my heart is telling me so I can keep learning and growing and changing.

This isn’t easy and I’m sorry if you expected it to be. That’s why the statistics for re-gain are so high. It’s good that you are aware, good that you are posting and good that you are working so hard to change NOW when you have your new pouch – a strong tool to help you change.

Good luck!

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