Maintenance Wrap-up Report

Successfully maintaining a 149 pound weight loss

Well, my self-imposed maintenance was officially over yesterday. I made it through the holiday season and vacation. When I stepped on the scale I was overjoyed to see that I weighed in at 172.5 pounds! That’s several pounds lighter than when I declared maintenance and only one pound heavier than my overall lowest.  Success! I’m starting to realize and to believe that the changes I’ve made are lifetime habits now, not just something I’m doing to lose weight.

Here are my measurements from October:

Weight: 175, Waist: 34 inches, Hips: 37 inches, Pants size: 12 (some 10’s); Tops: size 10/Medium

Compared to today:

Weight: 172.5, Waist: 31 inches, Hips: 39 inches, Pants size: 12 (no 10’s 😦 ); Tops: size 10/Medium

My fat percentage measured 36% – I need to look up where I was in October last year, but I think it’s a bit higher. Interesting re-distribution on the measurements: my waist is 3 inches smaller and my hips are 2 inches bigger. Whatever! My jeans are loser than when I left on vacation right after Christmas, so I know that the snowboarding must have done some good in terms of toning my waist. My hips/belly will most likely always be a problem area, so I will just have to work on cranking up the weight lifting and core work.

Overall, I feel like I’ve “reset” myself and I’m ready to tackle my next goal of losing another 5% of my body weight:  another 9  pounds.   Oh! And since my current weight is only 2.5 pounds from my  doctor’s healthy weight goal for me, then this goal will accomplish three things since it also gets me to Lifetime Member at Weight Watchers. Time for a triple celebration! After I lose this 5%, I’ll probably take another maintenance break and focus on maintaining for another month or two because I think it will take me another two 5% efforts to get to my ultimate all-time, maybe-not-that-realistic, goal of 147. Since I haven’t weighed 150 pounds since high school, not sure that I’ll ever make it.

But do I really care? It’s just a number and I hope I’m starting to realize that everyone is right – it’s not the number on the scale. It’s how I feel – which is fabulous – and what I can do with my body – which is a lot more than I could do 150 pounds ago!

Thanks for all the love and support during this first effort at maintenance. Knowing that you are out there helps keep me focused and from going too far off track.

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