Help Me Start a Healthy Epidemic!

An epidemic is defined as something spreading rapidly and extensively by infection and affecting many individuals in an area or a population at the same time.  If I inspire two people to live healthier and they each agree to inspire two people, and so on, then we can start our own healthy epidemic. Maybe even a PANDEMIC! (Global epidemic)

Why are we waiting for the government or medical community to do it for us? That’s not what government is supposed to be about – but it is what PEOPLE are supposed to be about. Go out there and start living healthy and then start to pay it forward.

When I think about all the people who have inspired me, I actually feel guilty that I’m not inspiring more people. Does it really take dozens, maybe 100’s of people to move one woman from super morbidly obese to healthy? My aunt dying at 54 – that inspired me to join Weight Watchers. My weight loss therapist, Rebecca, inspires me. My nutritionist, Alyssa, inspires me. My trainer and the guys at my gym, Knuckle up Fitness, inspire me. The folks at Dunwoody Fitness Center inspired me. My sisters inspired me to get healthier by their examples and now we inspire each other – seeing my sister lose weight and feel good about herself makes me go back and think about how I can do better. The women on my message boards and support groups and at weight watchers all inspire me by their success and their honesty in sharing their struggles.

If I thought that losing weight was easy for everyone else, it would be so much harder. But I know how hard it is. I know that it is a daily battle and sometimes we lose the battle, but we don’t ever give up on the war.

So was all that inspiration meant to just stop with me? I say NO!

So – who have I inspired? I know that my husband and son are living healthier, and I see some of my friends starting to eat healthier, exercise, drink water and focus on eating to live instead of living to eat, too. Knowing that they are looking at me as an example keeps me on track and from slipping too far when I do go off path.  How can I be the inspiration I want to be if I’m sitting at my desk, munching on almonds and chocolates and putting on a few pounds? I have to exercise and eat right and look and feel good – that is the inspiration.

So today I want to find out if I have inspired anyone and if I have, who have YOU inspired? If you haven’t inspired anyone, is it because you haven’t committed to making all the changes you need to make? Or maybe you just need to let your light shine instead of hiding it under a barrel?

I’m posting on WordPress that has over a million people a day – Facebook with millions more – message boards with thousands of users. If we all inspire 2 people and they agree to inspire 2 more, we can hit the population of the US in a few DAYS. The population of the world in a few MONTHS. How’s that for a pandemic?

I’m going to finish my cup of Caribbean cooler (protein) tea and go do my treadmill. 45 minutes, 3 miles, cranking up the incline all the way until I get to 12% and a good, solid sweat. Then I’m going to pack a healthy lunch and snack and get to work.

How inspiring is THAT?? Pass it on.

3 thoughts on “Help Me Start a Healthy Epidemic!

  1. Hey girl you inspire me and because of you we (Steve and I) have lost a total of 136 pounds. Now we have friend who are looking at us and going it’s time for us to get healthy too. I’m all for paying it forward….let’s keep moving and losing.

  2. Thanks for the post. I am looking forward to reading more about your work to lose the last 27 lbs. I have about that much too before I reach my goal weight and I know I can do it this year! I just gotta get on my game. Take care. I’ll do my part to try to make this a epidemic!

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