New Hair, New Attitude

There are few things in a woman’s life that have more impact on your attitude for lower cost, less time and committment than a drastic haircut. I mean, seriously – how much more change can a person achieve in 50 minutes, for $50 and know that if you don’t like it, it WILL (eventually) grow back?

So this morning I went to see Viola, my wonderful stylist at Salon Colour in Dunwoody. She’s been cutting my hair, on and off for about 7 years now. Occasionally I try someone different, but I usually come back to her because we’re spookily connected when it comes to my hair. Today when I walked in I said I wanted to go short  like Jamie Lee Curtis – and she said she had just been thinking about suggesting a short, cute, easy to style cut for me.

So here I am, channeling my inner Jamie Lee Curtis. I actually thought it would show my gray/dark roots more, but oddly, it seems to camouflage them. I haven’t’ had my hair this short since 1984 when I lived near the King’s Road in London and got it chopped super punk short.

I love it, but I did immediately buy new earrings and put on lipstick to avoid the whole, excuse me, Sir, thing.

2 thoughts on “New Hair, New Attitude

  1. Love the new cut Karen! Having had short hair at several points in the last few years, I know what you mean about the earrings and lipstick!
    Viola channelled the Jamie Lee Curtis look wonderfully!

  2. Karen

    I know Fred likes long hair…….don’t most men (Joe does too) but I have got to tell you that this cut is short, sassy & sexy!!! You look awesome!


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