One Day at a Time

This is not me - yet

This is not me - yet

I made it to kickboxing class again this morning – 3 times in the last 4 days! The girl is BACK!

I found myself making lists of exercises and planning for the week and immediately felt overwhelmed again. It helped me to remember what my therapist said about taking it one day at a time. If I think about the 25 pounds I need to lose or what I have to do to stay healthy for the REST OF MY LIFE, then I get overwhelmed.  But if I think about what I can and will do TODAY, I’m a lot more calm.
For today, I will exercise my body and use my muscles and breath.
For today, I will give my body the healthy fuel it needs.
For today, I will drink the water my body needs to process all that food and exercise and be healthy.
For today, I will take my vitamins – my long-term health insurance plan!
For today, I will love and cherish myself, appreciating all that I’ve done and all that I’m doing right now.
For today, I will track all of that so that I can see where I need to focus my energy
For today, I will get the rest that I need and sleep so that I can get up and CHOOSE to do it all over again.

And never forget that every day it is a choice. A choice between life and death. Health and misery. Fit or fat.

I choose life over death.  I choose health over misery.  I choose fit over fat.

One thought on “One Day at a Time

  1. Great post! today I have chosen to eat well. I think I’ll go get more water to drink, although i have done fairly well. Today I will go to a new yoga class, even though my knees are aching from all the dancing Sat night & the biking yesterday. And even though friends cancelled going, I will not! I am choosing Fit over Fat!

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