Night of Deployment (NOD)

Had to get to work by 3:00 am on Sunday morning for a software release. These nights are hard and not just because of the short sleep and stress. It’s the kindness of the management who think that filling the break rooms with free soda, cookies, cake, candy, snack food and pretzels is a good way to make to make them easier for everyone.

I did not eat one of the beautiful, perfect red devil mini-cakes with cream cheese frosting.

I did not eat one of the two bite brownies with the little crispy edges that are so perfect and so chocolately.

I did not eat a slice of the pizza. The pepperoni or the veggie or the meat lovers special or the cheese.

I did not eat the milky way bars, the m&ms or the snickers.

I did not have a soda.

I did not eat muffins.

I did not have chips, Doritos or Cheetos.

I did have one tangerine and a couple of peanuts in the shell.

I took my own snacks in – a batch of the no-bake chocolate protein peanut butter oatmeal bars (they definitely need a catchy name) which were loved by all who tried them.

I took in some almonds and an apple and an orange.

I took in some chicken and veggies and quinoa for a meal.

I took in a cold, creamy protein drink with chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, milk, ice and a piece of frozen banana.

I did bring home one tiny, miniature twix bar and I ate that after I got home and after I had lunch. I love twix bars, so if I’d had it at work, I would have just kept eating them.

I also brought home the bagels and a few of the tangerines that were left and had a half toasted bagel with my lunch.

I did use being tired as an excuse not to exercise yesterday and for sleeping in late today, so have to get onto the treadmill now.

But I think overall, I did pretty well. After working 65 hours this week, I still stuck to my plan and feel good about the exercise I did and the food choices I made. Maybe a bit more volume than I should have had – it’s hard not to compensate with food for the tiredness.  But yesterday, at the end of the long, long week and huge effort, I can say that  I ate well and didn’t use it as an excuse to snack.

Now, I’m just about finished with my first big glass of water and I’m going to whip up a protein shake to drink while I’m on the treadmill.

Ya’ll have a good time today. Have fun. Be happy. Do something that makes you smile and feel good about yourself.

One thought on “Night of Deployment (NOD)

  1. Karen,

    holy Smokes! You are right….that’s a lot of “bad food”. You were so smart to bring all your goodies…they sound wonderful. As always, proud of you!

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