New way of seeing myself

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Yep. That’s me. With the long red wig. My friend Teresa suggested trying on a wig as a way to see yourself the way you really look now. Instead of the same old face and the same hair, you change it up so that you are forced to look at what is really there, not what you are expecting to see.

So today I wore the wig and had my husband take some pictures. It’s kind of fun. I mean, it’s not a look I’m going to wear to work but I can imagine wearing it out somewhere. I’m travelling on Monday. I wonder how it would feel to wear it to the airport and all the way to Seattle?  Would my colleagues on the flight recognize me? Would I introduce myself or stay incognito?  In any event, it’s fun to play and dress up after the last few weeks of long days and overtime. Started today at 6am and worked 6 hours, which seems like a relaxing day compared to the 12 hour days I’ve been working.

So I’m going to go play with my hair. I mean my wig. Have a great Sunday!

4 thoughts on “New way of seeing myself

  1. Ha! I love the look! I showed my husband and he said you look very hot! It does change the way you see yourself. Bet your husband got a kick out of it, too.

  2. Love the wig…it’s like when I did Glamour shots…like I ever really lloked like that. But this could be you ! (hair extensions). That’s what jamie had on in the picture for Thanksgiving!

    You ARE B-E-A-utiful (jim carey)

  3. I am busy today purging!!!!! Got rid of a bag of turtlenecks I don’t wear to femaile vets in need. Now throwing, & cleaning!!! Oh, and dancing. My friend judy R gave me some fun dance music

  4. Love the red wig and also the new cut that I haven’t commented on before now. Have fun on your trip and don’t work too hard. I look forward to a doulble date when you get back. It’s been too long since we’ve gotten together.

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