No, but I play one on TV


I’ve been doing some mental gymnastics lately. When I get compliments and praise for my success in losing the weight, or work or anything else, I have to fight the feeling that I’m faking it.  One of the phrases that keeps going through my head is “No, but I play one on TV”.

I’m naturally an introvert. I’m not shy, but being with people is more exhausting and I need alone time to recharge. So when I’m walking into a dinner meeting with colleagues from out of town I take a deep breath, throw back my shoulders, raise my chin and start walking as if I were this totally fabulous, confident, professional woman.

When I go out with my husband I dress up and try to feel that I’m the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the room.

When I go shopping, or travel, same thing. I try to look my best – lipstick, eyeliner, earrings and something fabulously colorful to wear that makes me feel all of that and more.

Maybe it’s all acting but until it’s real, I’m okay with that. It’s good practice to “act as if” and good therapy for that introvert who needs to move and groove.

Now I’m going to go “act as if” I love the treadmill!

One thought on “No, but I play one on TV

  1. I love this post, Karen! As I read, I kept thinking “act as if…” and then…there it was! I am naturally an introvert, too. In my current job, I have had to speak at board meetings, in large meetings of parents and teachers, and at community groups. It’s not something I enjoy but I’ve learned to do just what you are doing…I play one on tv! If I act confident and assured, then suddenly, I seem more like a person who is! Ain’t life grand! We can all be actors on the great stage of life. Bless your heart. I also love the picture of you belly dancing!

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