No news is still good news

The decision on my job has been delayed until Wednesday, so at least the answer isn’t no (which is what I thought at 10 last night when I finally stopped hoping for a call!)

Keep your fingers crossed for us – we are all so psyched at the idea of moving out to Nevada.
As a backup plan (gotta have Plan B) I am busy preparing for an Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike. Yup.  My son and I would fly to Bangor, Maine, then hike 2181 miles back to Georgia. How’s that for a homeschool project? We can learn about each state as we hike thru it – learn it’s history and see it’s flora and fauna and some landmarks, taste the local foods.

So look for some AT hiking planning posts in the near future and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “No news is still good news

  1. If you decide to do this, read Bill Bryon’s book called A Walk in the Woods. It’s wonderful!
    You always have such a positive outlook, my friend.

  2. I know you are fond of Plan A, but in Plan B, you would have to visit some locals, no? Say, in rural New Hampshire?

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