Plan A is a go!

I know it’s been a while – but where to start? First – I GOT THE JOB!

Yes, the dream job. The job 15 minutes from Heavenly ski resort. The job with the opportunity to learn a whole new industry and explore the engineering side of my brain. The job with the awesome benefits. The job with the unbelievable relocation package. The job with the heart stopping view of the mountains from the parking lot. The job with the nice, smart, funny, laid back and totally amazing new boss. THE job.

So I live in Nevada now. A little town called Minden, located on 395, about 1 hour south of Reno. Small, but so far, it has everything I’ve looked for and I haven’t been disappointed with anything yet.

I’m staying at a beautiful bed and breakfast called Cottonwood Creek Ranch, an Arabian horse farm. 40 acres of rolling meadow and beautiful gardens and the house is just amazing. Love the hostess and host – they couldn’t be more welcoming and accommodating to me and my three dogs.

Yup. I brought my dogs out with me. Drove out in my new Suburu outback (much more snow worthy car – and did I mention I got caught in a late May snowstorm in Rocks Springs, Wyoming? Glad I wasn’t in the Civic!) It was a good drive out – three days of nothing but driving and listening to books on tape and then stopping every hour for bathroom breaks, gas and doggie breaks.

I arrived a week ago tonight. What a week!  Getting settled at the B&B, starting the new job on Tuesday morning, starting to hunt for a rental and also for a house to buy once we sell our house in Atlanta.

My husband and son are still back in Atlanta. My husband inherited the final days of the move as it didn’t finish as scheduled. Now that the house is empty, they are living with friends and getting the landscaping, painting and minor repairs done that we hope will help the house sell, sell, sell! (If you know someone moving to Atlanta who wants a house convenient to the Perimeter/GA 400 area, give them my email – referral bonus!!)

Health wise, I’ve had a big challenge: my dogs. First they were jet lagged, which means they were waking me up at 3am instead of 6am. Then one of my dogs got constipated from the drive across (They kept wanting to eat, but wouldn’t drink for some reason. Should have withheld the food, but that’s hard, you know?) Anyway, up all night for the last week, taking the dog out to try (and fail) to make a poo and then working 8-9 hours a day. Running around getting payroll, benefits, computer, bank accounts, post office boxes and all the other stuff you need when you move to a new city. The upshot was that I was barely functional by Saturday morning.

I thought I had a great house to share that would be good for my dogs. I emailed, I talked on the phone and even went to visit the woman in person. We talked about my dogs, but when I actually showed up with three dogs, she freaked out and said I never mentioned them. Really? I left and then forwarded her my emails and she was apologetic but what now??

So my wonderful husband listened to me cry and just totally lose it, then got on the computer and phone and found me about a dozen kennels in the area. The second one on the list was able to take the dogs and they seem very happy. I went home and slept for three hours, then went house hunting for four hours, then went back and slept for another 10 hours.

I feel like a new woman! I’m eating some cottage cheese and strawberries from the super healthy, always open cafeteria. (Did I mention that it is also subsidized? I’m in heaven!) I have an early conference call with my team in Mumbai at 8, THEN I’m going to go to the gym and work out for the first time since I got here.  Heck, for the first time since the end of March when we got back from Heavenly. That’s two solid months of not working out. Sure I’ve been moving and hauling stuff around and doing tons of yard work, but seriously, nothing? No treadmill, no weight lifting, not even a bike ride. (Oh and they have this great facility here where you can borrow (no charge) any sporting equipment you can imagine. So I’m going to get a bike to ride until mine shows up with the movers later this summer. How cool is that??)

Anyway, gotta get going, but I just wanted everyone to know that my dream was unfolding. That whole opening yourself to the universe and taking a chance? Well, it works.

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