New Baseline

Today is Tuesday, June 7, 2011. I live in Minden, Nevada. I work for GE Energy.  That’s my life now. Today I took another step towards realizing my dream of getting to goal weight and living a long and healthy life: I worked out. Yup. For the first time since the end of March, I went to a gym and did my thing. 15 minutes on the elliptical, sit-ups, planks, weight lifting and stretching. Boy am I out of shape! It took me almost 15 minutes to get to a mile on the elliptical. I could only lift 180 pounds on the leg lift and arms? Fageddaboutit! I was wimping out on the lowest settings and lightest weights.

Well, that’s my new baseline for exercise. I’m going to get a bike and start biking in the evenings. That will help. And I’m going to find a weight watchers meeting if I have to start one myself.

I weigh 179 pounds and my stomach/hips are 43 inches.  That means I’m still up 8 pounds from my lowest, I think. I have to go back and check, but I think I’d gotten down about 4 inches less on my hips/stomach – that’s scary and totally explains why my pants are so tight. <grin>

Still, it’s good to know where I am and to get started again. It feels good and it feels right.

3 thoughts on “New Baseline

  1. You blew off exercising since March and you only gained 8 lbs.?? Do you see what a triumph that is? For the sake of health, it’s better not to take a hiatus like that, but I still think you should give yourself some credit. And now–away you go!

  2. A lot of bad stress is off you and now you ARE back on track! You sounds so happy.
    I know you’ll be happier when your men join you!


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