Sunrises and Rainbows

I’ve seen a lot of sunrises since I came out here. My dogs still wake up at 5:00 or so and I end up outside walking them as the sun rises over the Pinenuts and starts to hit the Sierras. Pretty spectacular. Last couple of days we’ve had some wild storms with amazing rainbows afterwards. I managed to catch this one before it disappeared.

Life has been good. Busy, challenging and a tad lonely with the boys in Atlanta but good. They are heading out here next week end and I can’t wait! We’ve got a house to move into in a few weeks – a good rental while we try to sell our house in Atlanta and recover from how much we’re going to lose on that. I keep telling myself we’ll make it up out here, but it is hard to just see over $130k gone. I keep thinking “if only” we’d sold it four years ago; if only we’d priced it lower then, we’d still be making thousands more than we are going to make now. Oh well.

If I start down the if only path it just leads to crazy thoughts. If the boy I’d loved in high school had loved me, I probably never would have gone to Yale. If the man I loved after college had loved me, I’d never have moved back to Georgia. If  I hadn’t lost my job I wouldn’t have been looking for the job out here. If I hadn’t been fighting with my boyfriend, I’d never have met my husband. If I hadn’t had PCOS and been trying to find a cure, I’d never have had my son.

Life is tricky. Finding a path through it is even more so.

Today I rode my bike from the furnished townhouse I’m renting, out to my office about 3.2 miles away. Then I rode 9.1 miles to the new house we’re moving into next month. Then I rode around the neighborhood, found a park and a bike path and got familiar with the area. Then someone pointed out the storm clouds and lightning spears over the Pinenuts to the east and I made tracks for home. Got here before the storm which seems to have worked itself out over the mountains. But boy are my legs sore! I haven’t ridden 30+ miles ever and lately I’ve been slacking off on serious exercise, just walking the dogs a few miles a day. So I expect the evening to be full of cramps and walking around like an old lady, even after the hot bath, banana and potassium!

It was worth it though. I got that feeling of accomplishment that makes me feel really good. I get something similar with work, but that’s something I’ve always had. The feeling that I can do anything I try with my body, that’s new. And I like it. Aches and pains and cramps and all.

Have a beautiful evening, wherever you are. And next time it’s raining, go outside afterwards and look for some rainbows.

One thought on “Sunrises and Rainbows

  1. I have found that “what if’s” only complicate the here and now. Aren’t you glad that God’s hand is so much bigger and knew what was best. Speaking of which….we have really enjoyed having Fred and Jacob here these last few weeks. Too bad you weren’t here with them. Miss you and I can’t wait to see one of those rainbows. Tami

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