Getting Settled

We live in a house out West.  From our backyard you can sit and enjoy the Sierra’s and some very fine sunsets over those stunning mountains. From our front porch you can bundle up and enjoy some pretty impressive sunrises over the Pinenut mountain range in the cold mornings. There is a decent amount of space and tons of storage for all our junk – we were even able to close the garage doors when the last box went in! There’s a big garden tub with jacuzzi jets to soak away the aches from moving and unpacking. Decent size kitchen (though its sad that I only appreciated how huge my kitchen was when I left it!) and we’ve already started cooking and sitting down to healthy meals again.

We’ll probably be in this house for at least a year, maybe two or three depending on what kind of loss we take on the other house. So it’s good that it’s in a nice neighborhood with nice neighbors and a park and biking and walking paths. It’s close to shopping in Carson City and not too far from work in Minden – about 9 miles along the East valley Road or 12 miles along highway 395. We’re in an area called Johnson Lane and it’s more desert like than what I want to buy, but for now, it’s great. Big fenced backyard for the dogs to run in and it feels good.

What a summer, though! I thought things would start to settle down when we got into the house – even though we can’t buy anything until our house in Atlanta sells.  Then on Tuesday my husband and son were in a car accident. They are unhurt, but the big truck that rear ended them totaled our Honda Pilot. So now there’s the hassle of insurance and buying a new car. That was a great car – in wonderful shape for a 4 year old car. I can only imagine what they plan to offer us as compensation and it stresses me out. No sense thinking about that until it happens, though, right?

I’m going to focus on the fact that my family is safe, the other driver was insured and we have a rental car for now. I’m feeling very grateful overall.

I’ve been in class all week and that’s been hard – lots of math and physics which was never something I pursued. But I’m doing pretty well, I think and though I get a lot of wrong answers on the math, I do get the concepts and I can keep working on the rest.

I guess that’s why I started to feel so overwhelmed and tired and depressed last night. But I went outside and enjoyed the sunset with my husband, played with my son and the dogs and then had a nice hot soak before bed.

It’s important to remember that life is good. Very good.

3 thoughts on “Getting Settled

  1. Yes, life *is* good. =) I’m glad you’re husband and son are ok, that is the most important thing. And I’m so very excited for you….that you’re embracing this change and loving life! Here’s to you and yours and all the best!! =)

  2. We are so very glad that Fred and Jacob were not hurt in the accident. sounds like we are both going through the same things. Mom is with us while she recovers and we are looking for a new car for her too. We are praying for you and that your stress level goes down the drain with the bath water. Miss you.

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