Is it October already?

Just looking at my calendar and realizing that September is almost over.  Where did the summer go?? Still a ton going on here. 90 days into the new job and still think it was the best decision we ever made though it isn’t getting any easier. The move was hard on all of us and there are days we look at each other and say “remind me why we did this?”

Those are the days we pack up a picnic and some towels and go to the lake. Something about seeing that lake, that huge expanse of water framed by gorgeous mountains soothes our souls and gets us back on track. This weekend I took my son camping and that was nice, though the park we went to was a bit too close to the highway and all the noise from the motorcycle rally going on in town.

But waking up to the sunrise, making hot chocolate for my son and scrambling eggs for the early risers was a great start to the day and the week.

I’m still struggling to get in enough exercise. Riding my bike to work a few times a week is not enough.

I’m also struggling with eating too much. I know that is a response to all the stress, but it’s not a good response. I thought I’d done the work I needed to do to change that.

I guess I can call it a success that at least I am aware of what I’m doing. Nothing mindless about it.

Heading to my 30 year high school reunion this weekend back in Atlanta. It will be fun to see my family and friends. I kept thinking it would motivate me to exercise more or eat better, but apparently not. Well, its not about my waistline, is it? (I’ll keep telling myself that as I climb into a girdle on Saturday night!)

Hope everyone is doing well and know that even if I don’t get around to calling anyone, I think about you all the time. Call me or email me so I remember to take time out of my crazy schedule for the important things.

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