Falling into Fall Again

Charles Muench Enveloped in Aspens

Charles Muench Enveloped in Aspens

I have been having the blahs for the last few weeks. Odd, because the weather is stunning – bright blue skies and lots of sunshine during the day. Blazing orange and yellow and red leaves. Getting to wear my sweaters and jackets and boots. All good stuff – really my favorite time of year. Yet here I am again, slowing down and eating too much and sleeping oddly.

I went back over my posts from the fall last year and some scribbles from the year before that. It happens every year and every year it’s a big dang surprise. Obviously, even those of us who learn our history, are doomed to repeat it.

Fall is a great time of year for me. I make plans and get started on things that during the spring and summer I actually have the energy to finish. But October is the time of year that I make myself start thinking and planning and getting started because otherwise, months pass and I find myself in March looking at about a 30 pound weight gain, an empty bank account and the whole winter is just a blur.

Started up my light therapy treatments again yesterday.  Probably should have started in September as I normally do, but I was kind of hoping that all this sunshine and being outside would do the trick for me. And it would, but apparently I’m not getting outside enough. S0….I’m doing a challenge!

It’s a work health thing called Falling into Shape or something like that. I’ve been invited to be on a very competitive team and for six weeks we are going to log our steps. The team with most steps wins prizes, fame and fortune. Well, maybe an iPod or an xBox – that works, too.

One of my new team mates walked almost 3/4 of a million steps last year in the challenge. Another one was on the winning team where everyone walked more than 10k steps a day on average. Wow.

This is right up my alley! 10,000 steps is about 5 miles (@ 2000 steps per mile on average of 2.5 feet per step) and takes me about 75 minutes to walk. I can probably walk a little faster than that, but that’s the goal. Of course, since we are all super competitive, we’ve decided we’re going to try and walk 15k steps a day – or more! Wow. We could potentially hit 1,000,000 steps in 6 weeks.

That’s a lot of sunshine. Or treadmill. Either way, it will be really good for me to get my lazy butt off the sofa and my nose out of the books and get MOVING.

So – what’s up with everyone else?

6 thoughts on “Falling into Fall Again

  1. One must remember, this NOT about food.
    Reflect and look yourself straight on and push yourself to understand what is going on in your life that creates the barriers to good routines and self love. In order to survive something, you are holding on to bad habits like they are logs in a raging river.
    What is causing the river to rage?

    • Hmm. Where do I start?
      – Moving to a new state 2500 miles from home?
      – Changing to a really challenging job from one that was not quite so challenging?
      – Not being able to sell my old house (and thus more bills than expected and not being able to settle here?)
      – Changes in schedule? Weather? and pretty much everything else except underwear?

      • good. Now let’s address those issues in non-physical, non-self-defeating ways. which are in your control? which are not? What can you do to ease your adjustments to all these changes? How can you make JUST today a productive rewarding day for yourself?

  2. Hi Karen! Sounds like a great challenge. I have been exercise impaired, too, lately and need something to shake things up. I am usually a solitary exerciser but have been enjoying classes more so maybe that’s my direction. It was good to hear from you on my blog. Thanks for the encouragement and let’s be in touch!

  3. hey there cutie pie, can I come and walk with you? my nose has been in a book too often as well and when i do get to the ranch, I never leave the inside. must find out what the world looks like outside the front door. I think I will pull out the pedometer and see how far I can go in a day. Miss you bunches. give our love to the boys.

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