Hitting the Start Button

Last year in October was when I “Hit the Pause Button” and officially took a break from losing weight. It was a good decision and I had a good plan – which, remarkably I stuck to for over 6 months before I started to seriously backslide.

MOVE plan: 30-45 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week.

How did I do? This was probably the area where I did the best until the last few months when it’s been more like 3 days a week. Getting back on track for that now (and cranking it up with the Fall into Shape walking challenge!) I’m proud to say that I was riding my bike to work a couple of times a week most weeks.

EAT plan: I’m going to concentrate on the Weight Watchers’ Simply Filling technique. If I stick to the focus on lean protein, and add as many veggies as I can eat until I feel SATISFIED (not full, not stuff, just satiated)

How did I do? Here’s where I really went crazy, especially the last few months. (Rebecca compared it perfectly to hanging onto a familiar log in the torrent of change. I still know when I’m satisfied, but I’ve been really pushing past that to get that stuffed feeling. Its a feeling that comforts me – until my jeans stop snapping. Well, we’re JUST about there and the muffin top needs to go! Back to protein in the mornings, low, good carbs during the day. Will take a few days to de-carb as I’ve been stuffing the carbs in like crazy.

LIVE Plan: I’m starting to explore my dream job. Lots of work to do on that and I’m very excited. I believe that 2011 will be the year that happens. I’m also going to spend as much fun, active time as I can with my son and husband. I will work to see my girl friends more frequently and have people over more. We need to socialize as a family.

How did I do? Well – look out the window! We’re living in Tahoe, baby! I get to see mountains as I bike to work and they are already making snow at Heavenly. Learning a ton and if I can just be patient with myself (not a strong characteristic of mine) then I think this has the potential to be what I wanted: A career. I really do plan to be here for the long haul. I just have to learn how to do that and Jodie is helping me a lot. There’s a lot of difference between coming in as a consultant and doing a specific job and then getting out. Here I’m trying to learn EVERYTHING and do ANYTHING and I’m better at focusing. But I’ll get to that, too, I think.

THINK Plan: I’m working on my book. Goal: finish the first draft by December 10th.

How did I do? Well – didn’t work on my book. Have done a tiny bit of writing and a bit of blogging, but have really fallen off on that lately. Need to get back to blogging which is my way of capturing my thoughts and laying them out so that they are clear to me. I’m getting to do some writing at work, which I love. More will come as my knowledge increases and that pleases me. Maybe I need to treat myself to a writer’s conference next year? One of my new friends here is a writer and she WRITES. How about that? She finishes stuff. LOTS of stuff. I’m in awe and I need to learn from her.

So this is the baseline that I posted last year for comparison purposes:

Oct 10, 2010: Weight: 175, Waist: 34 inches, Hips: 37 inches, Pants size: 12 (some 10’s); Tops: size 10/Medium

Oct 30, 2011: Weight 189, Waist:  37 inches, Hips: 45 inches(really???), Pants size: 14; Tops: size 12-14/Medium to Large

And I’m deliberately seeking out the largest, most concealing of my clothes – so that tells me as much as the measurements! Should have given away the bigger size 14’s like I did all the sizes between 4x and 14! But I guess I was subconsciously expecting to grow back into them. Sigh. This time when I get down to the smaller size, the bigger ones are really going!

I’m not really setting a weight goal today. Obviously there is a part of me that would love, love, love to write “I weigh 149! I finally got below 150! (which is my smallest since freshman year at Yale.)

My goals right now are pretty simple:

1. Move! Exercise some every day. Right now that is walking 10k+ steps a day.

2. Eat! Eat very good, complex carbs and lots of good protein and take all my supplements. Don’t let my brain get into the nutritional mush it was in this past week. Also means starting up my light therapy again. Even with all the sunshine out here, I need it apparently.

3. Live! Same goals as before. Spend more time with my husband and son who I love with all my heart. They ARE my heart. Spend time with my girl friends – even if it is on the phone. Was having some hard times answering or picking up the phone due to crazy patch, but that seems to be lifting now. So call me!

4. Think! Keep blogging. Keep reading on the Bariatric Eating site and my friends’ blogs. Keep learning about this body that I have that I would like to keep in fine tune for another 50 years.

I started Weight Watchers again today. Found a good group, pretty close to work, convenient time on Monday afternoons. Which I hope will keep me from doing the weigh in Friday, slack off weekend routine I’d fallen into last year.

And last week I finally got around to finding a new therapist. I miss Rebecca so much, but hey, she’s retired now AND she lives 2500 miles away. The fact that I love her and am happy thinking about her in her garden enjoying her life makes it hard to feel sad about losing her as a therapist. So my new therapist is Patricia and she’s got some good things to say. Some are a little out there, but I already realize that they are out there because I’m not doing them and they will help me get to the place I want to be.

The last few days I’ve been reading a great book she gave me called Depression Free, Naturally. Author Joan Matthews Larson has some good advice about using the food and supplements that you absorb (and we don’t all absorb the same, not just us gastric bypass chicks) and exercise to get your head out from under the covers.  I would say that the advice was right on target because just going  back to eating right and taking my supplements really cleared up the crazy patch that I’d fallen into. I’m taking Inositol, tryptophan, mellatonin in addition to the B vitamins, omegas, zinc and vitamin C that I was taking before with my multivites and calcium. I had gone several months without really taking any vitamins. Plus, I wasn’t drinking enough water. What’s up with THAT? NOT SMART – NOT STRONG. Working on all this again.

So, what are you working on today?

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