Eating in the light of the moon

Someone tossed me a lifeline this morning. Dr Anita Johnston, author of Eating in the Light of the Moon. She read my blog post from January when I was talking about taking those first shaking steps off the path I’d set for myself:

Interestingly, I also wrote in that post about a co-worker who was new in town and struggling with the job and not having friends and family close by. Rang a few bells for me. Maybe I need to go back and read my own blog, remind myself of who I am and what I’ve learned.

Yesterday I went to Weight Watchers and weighed in at 200.4. That means that I’m close to leaving Onederland. Something I worked for so hard and so long. Am I really going to let that happen?

Hell no!

Need to get off the computer and get on the treadmill.

Pray for me. Send positive thoughts. Call me. Email me. Remind me of who I am and what I can do. I need that.


2 thoughts on “Eating in the light of the moon

  1. All of those…prayers, karma, happy thoughts, kicks in the pants. Get going, kid. You are my inspiration. Don’t give up now. Get rid of the junk in your house and get moving! Hugs.

  2. We both need a good kick in the but because my scale is not my friend either. I don’t why I think that piece of whatever is so important or will make me happy or will do something besides add extra weight. I had a nice little chat with myself last night when I realized that some of my clothes aren’t fitting and I gave all the others away. I REFUSE to go out and buy a larger size. How much money, time, effort and love of myself did I put in losing all the weight to begin with? NO MORE. I deserve to treat myself better, to have a long and healthy life with my wonderful husband and girls. So it’s you and me girl back on the wagon and we are gonna be losers(on that
    scale) again. Love you lots.

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