Charting 49 years of weight gain and loss

I have kept a pretty good record of my weight for the last 4 years. My gains and my losses. At Weight Watchers on Monday, our leader, Irene, suggested that everyone chart their weight loss. It’s a good way to bring a sense of perspective to the worry about a few pounds. Also a good way to see the trend that you are currently in – either losing or gaining.

I had done this for my results after weight loss surgery, but haven’t ever done it from birth. I don’t have specific numbers, but I took a stab at some of the ones I remember: birth, when I hit 100 pounds at 12 years old; high school graduation weight of 150; college graduation 220, meeting my husband at 200, highest during pregnancy with my son at 321 and then loss after pregnancy and gradual regain back up to 300’s before weight loss surgery process started.

So here it is, just the facts, ma’am:

Look at those huge ups and downs. Makes the current stress over 20 seem kind of silly. And if you look very, very carefully, you’ll see the slight downturn as of today because I’m down another 5 pounds. This  treadmill desk stuff ROCKS!

Have a great day. Find something that rocks your world today. Or just shakes it up a bit. It makes a difference.

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