Metabolic Screening Results

There was a free screening being offered at work this week. I realized that I was going to skip it because I was afraid I’d done a lot of damage in the last few months and sabotaged too much of my success. Well! We can’t have that. Must face facts. So I went to the screening and I’m so glad that I faced that fear. In reality, I’m still in really great shape. Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and all that stuff is just great. Off the charts good, in fact.  Yes, I’ve gained some weight. Yes, my BMI is back over 30 and yes my waist is more than the recommended 35″ for women. I’m working on that.

Even the health coach was impressed. When I started my song and dance about my weight and what I was doing to lose she pointed out that my numbers (which is their focus for health) were better than a lot of the thin people and it was obvious to her that I exercised a lot and ate healthy food.

Alright then.

No damage, except to my waistline. I can fix that! With time and attention and a lot of exercise. Yoga yesterday. Lots of walking every day on the treadmill. Strength training tomorrow. Yup. I can do it.

One thought on “Metabolic Screening Results

  1. So good to read that you may be back on the optimism train. Reasons for self-punishment only you know, but I encourage you to treat the adult Karen the way you would treat your little inner Karen. Please, just love her.

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