Next Lunar Eclipse 2014

My husband woke us up early this morning to see the beautiful lunar eclipse over the Sierras. It was worth pulling on ski pants and a heavy coat at 5:00 am to see this as there won’t be another one until 2014.

That started me thinking about a re-framing exercise that my therapist had recommended. The idea is to imagine yourself in the future and write about what has happened since the present date. Write your story the way you want it to unfold. She believes that this is a very powerful tool and has had amazing results with it. So here goes:

April 15, 2014

Happy Tax Day everyone! Hope you got your taxes filed or at least your extension. After all those years of procrastinating, it’s been nice the last few years to have my taxes done in November every year so that I can do any paper work and juggling recommended to avoid paying unnecessary taxes. Now that we are making so much money, that’s particularly important. My writing career has just taken off and my husband’s android apps are unbelievably popular! We would like to put as much money back into the business as we can, so that we can continue to hire more people. We like that we’re contributing to the local economy and giving people the opportunity to work. Having our own company is Fred’s dream come true and he’s worked so hard and deserves all the success because he never gave up on that dream.  I have to give my friend’s James and Jenny credit for my writing success  – they showed me that it could be done and really inspired me. Hat’s off, guys!

Did everyone see the lunar eclipse this morning? It was just beautiful. I think I liked it even more this time because we were enjoying it from our beautiful patio in our very own home. The last eclipse was back in December of 2011 and we saw that from the old rental up on Stephanie Way. We had a good start on our life out West in that house, but I have to admit, having our own house, with lots of spare bedrooms for all the guests we’ve had is terrific. I love my kitchen here and the tons of cabinet space. For the first time EVER all my kitchen gadgets and books are unpacked and I can actually get to them. My office is truly amazing – lots of bookcase space, a fireplace and a view of the mountains to inspire my writing. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

My husband and son are loving their homeschooling space – big windows overlooking the gardens and the mountains in the background and lots of desk and storage space. They even have cabinets and tables for projects, so they can keep their desk space cleared. They are just about to finish the last level of Barton program for dyslexia. It’s hard to imagine that our son ever had a problem reading. He’s now 12, super tall and an amazing writer who loves to read and is constantly surprising me with something he’s learned or done.

That’s when he’s not out snow boarding and making my heart stop with all the snowboard tricks that he does. He’s always safe, but he and my husband are lunatics on the snow, in my opinion! We’ve all gotten better and better, now that we are in such good shape. We ski and snowboard in the winter, along with telemarking, snowshoeing and winter hiking and camping. Who would have thought that the couch-potatoes from Atlanta would be such outdoor people? My son is just shooting up in height these days – I have to keep letting the hem out on his pants!

Our old dog, Scrappy, isn’t interested in going with us, and prefers spending her days by the fire. She’s almost 16 now but still going strong. Sophie at four years old is the best snow dog in the world and loves to swim and run and bike and hike with us in the summer.  The last time we took the sail boat out she kept jumping in and soaking all of us when she came out and shook off her fur. My son just laughed like a loon every time. I love to hear that.

There were so many days when we first moved out here that laughing together was one of the things that kept us going. Learning my new job (which is great by the way – just got a wonderful review and a raise – how’s that for progress? And I’m busy learning about a new project that I’ll be working on next month. Can’t wait!) and trying to make new friends was hard. Now it seems that with old friends flying out to visit and new friends to see here, we have to work to find time with just the three of us.

Speaking of which, the boys were gone on a boy scout trip this weekend, so I spent the the time going through papers and cleaning out my desk. I came across the packet of closing papers for our house and the final pictures we took before we turned over the keys for the last time. I’d forgotten all about Steve – he was such a wonderful property manager for us. Upscale Staging was really the secret of our success in selling the house. He kept it beautifully staged and decorated and gave it that lived in, loved feeling that made the new family fall in love with it the minute they came into the warmth that cold January day. I know it was our lucky day! No one believed that we could sell the house for what we owed on it, but we knew what a wonderful house it was and that it was just waiting for the right family to come along.  It was only a few months before we were able to buy this house.

I thought it would take us much longer to find our dream house, but this house came on the market and the owners were just as motivated to sell as we’d been so we got our big 3500 square foot house, with guest house, huge three car garage, workshop and greenhouse, with 20 acres, a pond and a trout stream for under $400k! I couldn’t believe we’d find something so close to work and convenient to the ski resort that had all these beautiful trees AND water rights. Sometimes I want to pinch myself because everything just seems to be going right for us. My husband keeps reminding me that we earned it by working so hard and I know he’s right.

But after all those months in the rental house, it was almost like a dream, that first Saturday morning in this house, waking up, making pancakes for breakfast and sitting over coffee in the new breakfast nook, looking out over the lawn and the pond, making plans for unpacking all our stuff and getting the garden started. Even the timing was perfect that first year! We moved in May, just in time to get the kitchen garden started with the greenhouse covering and then we built the chicken pen. Or was it the goats first? I can’t remember now, but I do remember learning to gather eggs, make goat milk yogurt and cheese and how much work it was, but how much fun, too. I had to laugh the first time we sat down to a meal of an omelet with vegetables and we had grown everything but the rye for the bread – it felt like being on an episode of Little House on the Prairie!

Well, I need to run drop off the new truck for it’s first service before I go to work, so I’ll wrap up for now. Have a great day!

One thought on “Next Lunar Eclipse 2014

  1. Sounds awesome…I’m ready to make reservations to come and see you in this wonderful future. Just know that I’ll be praying that it will all come true for you.

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