Don’t you just want to scream sometimes? I just did. Felt pretty good.  Might have a sore throat all day, but worth it. The house is empty except for me and the dogs. The boys drove off early to go skiing with a homeschool group today at Kirkwood – so excited for them.  I’ve been conferencing and walking on my treadmill. Got a little time before my next meeting so I thought I’d try and do a quick blog post. Haven’t done one since I hurt my ankle.

Have to confess I used that as an excuse to sit on my bum for the rest of December and most of January. Not pretty. Pants are becoming a problem since I swore a blood oath that I wouldn’t buy any new, bigger ones. I gave away all my older, bigger ones – 13 sizes worth.

I joined Weight Watchers at work program – have been waiting eagerly for it since I got there in May. I really miss my old group, and I was going (sporadically) to the group that meets in town, but not really feeling it. Not really following the program. Just showing up and weighing.

So we started two weeks ago and I actually lost .2 lbs this week. I thought that was better than a gain (though not by much) but I’m still back over 200 pounds. I could let that make me sad and depressed and keep stress eating (did I ever stop?) but I’m trying to track my points and get in an hour of exercise now that I have no ankle pain as an excuse. (Not that it was a good excuse anyway.)

So where was I? Oh, right. Stress.

I am losing my house. Finally got to the point where we can’t pay for a house here and a house in Atlanta so we have to let the one that we aren’t living in go. Working with the banks and the real estate agents has got to be the most stressful thing in the world. They appear to make it as difficult as possible to screen out people who aren’t desperate.

Example: I called to talk to them about options in September when my husband learned he was going to lose his job. I can do basic math – we would be out of money by December. They wouldn’t consider an application until we were behind on our payments. So I had to wait until January 10th to submit my application.

Example: I downloaded the forms and instructions, filled out all the forms and gathered all the supporting doucments needed and scanned and submitted 36 pages by email. Two days later someone sent me a blank app in return asking me to follow the instructions and send back the completed app with supporting docs to start the process. What? I sent again and two days later – same message. I called and was told that the email process is a little hinky. I should fax. Okay, I faxed it. Didn’t hear anything for a week, so I called to make sure they had it. They didn’t. I Faxed and emailed AGAIN. Waited two days and called back. It wasn’t until early this week that I heard they had it but they considered it incomplete because I hadn’t submitted the offer details. I don’t have an offer. That’s the PROBLEM! So I sent in another letter by fax and email and called. Now I have to wait until February 20th, but I’m probably going to keep calling every few days in case they are waiting for something that they haven’t told me about. Or told me about in a letter sent to Atlanta. Where I don’t live anymore. THAT’S THE PROBLEM!

So that’s my stress. I’m trying to eat apples and nuts and other healthy stuff when I stress eat. The sugar salt cycle is easy to fall back into. But then my pants won’t fit. AT. ALL. (Instead of just being horribly, unflatteringly, uncomfortably TIGHT.)


So I’m on the treadmill. I’m doing weight watchers.

I stopped going to the therapist. I think she’s a little nuts. I mean, when she cleared my aura  the first day, okay, that’s her thing. She had some good ideas and I felt better in a few visits. But last time she was getting mad at me because I wouldn’t consider divorcing my husband. WTF? of course I consider it. Everyone does – daily sometimes. But I usually am able to remind myself that there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo much more good and great and wonderful than the few annoying things and things we don’t agree on. If we both thought the same, what would be the point of living with someone else? It would be like living with a mirror. Good grief. So if anyone knows of a good therapist in Carson City, Nevada – let me know!

Gotta run – shower and change and jump on my next conference call.

Be good, be happy and remember we will all survive this and be able to bore our grandchildren with stories of the great depression of the 2010’s.

LIFE is good.

Life is GREAT.


Whew. I feel better. How about you?


  1. You are a survivior!!!! Stress sucks but you have friends who love you and are praying for you…your shrink needs a shrink. Keep Fred and throw her out. I know for a fact that he loves you and cares what will happen tommorrow, next week, next month and next year and for the rest of your life. It might feel good to talk about thowing Fred out and pinching his tiny little head with your fingers or maybe a good swift kick in the shin. But life without him would SUCK more!!!!!!!! I’m hear for you girl and lifting you up, Ray Jones would say “give em hell wagon wheels you’ve been through it”

  2. Hang in there!!
    We went through the loan modification process and wouldn’t have survived it except that we were working with a housing counselor (through a CCCS) who would get on the calls with us. It was **VERY FRUSTRATING**, but we survived as a couple and just as we were preparing the house to put on the market, the approved modification paperwork came through!!

    They were notoriously ROTTEN about losing our application, saying that we hadn’t completed it entirely, that we didn’t provide enough (or the correct) documentation. (Like my partner wasn’t working — which we had told them in writing — but they kept saying that we hadn’t sent in her pay statements! UGH!).

    If I had anything to suggest, it would be to see if a Consumer Credit Counseling Service housing counselor could help in your situation. We did everything over the phone with her and she was absolutely marvelous — no judgement, just smart, helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to gripe with us about our mortgage company (once they got off the conference calls!).

    Good Luck, Take Care (and stick with the apples & nuts, too!)

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