Accountability – Day 2

This is boring, but helpful for me, so apologies to any subscribers who are still reading this!

Yesterday I made a big healthy pot of vegetable, bean and barley soup and when the snacking urge came on, I ate some of the soup or some fruit. Got in more fiber, a bit less protein and more carbs.  Good carbs, but still way too many.

Cals Fat Cholesterol Sodium Carbs Fiber Protein Sugars
2238 89 g 480 mg 4933 mg 227 g 52 g 151 g 68 g

I did no exercise yesterday, unless a commando attack of the kitchen counts.  update: It does! At my current weight of 206 pounds a 60 minute cleaning frenzy burns at least 369 calories. I did put on music and I did work up a sweat.

But who am I kidding? It was a beautiful clear day outside. Never left the house and sat by the fire with tea and coffee reading one book after another.

Yes, I have to have down time. Yes I have to relax or my stress level is going to split my head open. Perhaps literally – an aneurism killed my grandfather. So today I’m just going to get outside and ride my bike. Maybe a couple of hours. So tomorrow I can post my intake and output and they might be even.

This accountability stuff is painful and not a little embarrassing, but necessary.  It’s clear to me that I can lie to myself and say that I’m eating really healthy. But when I actually write it down and add it up, not so pretty. Might be mostly healthy choices, but the portions are crazy and the frequency of eating is almost constantly.

Looking back at when I was losing weight, what I really need to be eating is more like this:

Cals Fat Cholesterol Sodium Carbs Fiber Protein Sugars
1485 52 g 170 mg 898 mg 92 g 16 g 148 g 24 g

Doesn’t seem like much, but it’s 6 meals of about 200 calories each, very balanced in protein, carbs and fat. Dinner is a bit bigger at 400 calories but very low carb.

To get in shape again, I need to be working out really hard for 90 minutes at least 6 days a week. I just have one of those bodies that don’t seem to notice if I walk 5 miles. But walking 5 miles and lifting weights, that works for me. So why did I not make it to the gym a single day last week? I did pull a groin muscle (showing off in the gym – <sad shake of head>) but that was really over and done with on Wednesday. What was my excuse the rest of the week?

And a correction – on Friday I forgot about an extra breakfast I had after a stressful meeting. Sigh. I actually ate:

Cals Fat Cholesterol Sodium Carbs Fiber Protein Sugars
2832 130 g 916 mg 4390 mg 225 g 18 g 195 g 58 g

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