Missed a milestone

I had my gastric bypass RNY on August 26, 2009. At the time I weighed 278 (down 50+ pounds from the pre-surgery diet).

Today it’s 3 years and two months later and I weigh in at a whopping 222. At my lowest I got down to 170. So I’m still down 99 pounds from my original weight, but as I start to get back on track, that extra 52 pounds really, really overwhelms me. I guess it will take about a year to lose it back. Which is only right – it took a year of doing the wrong things to gain it!

One of the things that I realized i wasn’t doing was writing/journaling/blogging anymore. I hated admiting that I was gaining and gaining and gaining. I was going to be the role model for RNY – the “Right Way” to do it. Sigh.

Reality is that life stress, which I thought I’d learned to manage with all sorts of other coping tools, finally devolved back to stress eating and comfort foods. Bread, pastry, sweets – you name it, I’ve been eating it.

So going to check out all the great back on track threads and get started – AGAIN.

But that’s okay. it’s giving up that is not cool. Starting over is okay. Staying on track is better, but I choose to forgive myself and get going again.

Today: I will walk 3 miles.

Today: I will have low carb, high protein and nutritious food.

Today: I will take all my vitamins.

Today: I will journal and think about my life – where I am and where I want to go.

Today: I will celebrate getting through the craziness of the last 18 months and having the courage and strength to start over.

I’ve missed you guys.

3 thoughts on “Missed a milestone

  1. Karen, keep thinking about the future not the past. How will you change the “craziness” that you attribute to your behavior. Can you really give craziness THAT much power? Take it back. It’s all your choice.

  2. You can do it Karen!!! As a 2005 lap bander who has stayed at about the same weight for the last 4 years, I can commiserate with you on how easy it is to fall back into bad habits. I never made it to my goal weight, but at least I am alot smaller than I was prior to 3/10/05! You have had alot of things going on in the last couple of years with the move and selling your house here and buying the new house; it’s only natural that good habits may have been waylayed. Enjoy reading your blog! Rhonda

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