Fitness Test

I started the Kaia BRIK on January 6th. We did weights and measurements and then a fitness test.

Today we did the week 3 checkup and here’s my status:

Fitness test at week 1: 13 minutes and 11 seconds with many modifications

Fitness test at week 3: 9:37 seconds with fewer modifications.

Weight: Down 8 pounds from 233 to 225

Waist/Hips: down 1 inch from 51 to 50

Bust: down 1 inch from 46 to 45

Thigh: stayed the same – 26

And yesterday I ran with the I KAN RUN group at Kaia. We went to the local high school and went around the track. Run the straight parts, walk/jog/recover the curved bits. At the end, I was running halfway around the track.

It felt crazy and wild to be out there at 5:30 in the morning, in 14 degree cold with the other crazy runners, gasping for breath. I do believe, though, that as a runner, I run for the pleasure of stopping.


3 thoughts on “Fitness Test

  1. Karen, you have such capacity to be tough and tenacious when you decide to be. So proud of you. Habits, basics, self care, structure… You could always have taught this “class.”

      • Weather is cold but beautiful. Life is a total pleasure. Each day is joyful. I am having a good stretch right now. Still cancer free as far as I know. Little Bella was 15 yesterday. She misses her brother, Bob as we all do. Seeing chiropractor to relieve neck pain on rotation. Eager to get back to JCC pool.

        Sounds like you found a new house! Do tell. Hope you are enjoying it. How are Fred and Jacob? Please send my love to them.
        Make your workouts fun. Like recess.

        Be well and reflect on you accomplishments and strengths.

        Good thoughts…

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