Today I enjoyed my workout

I do not always enjoy my workouts. That’s right, I’m openly admitting what most people just think and are slightly ashamed to admit: I do not enjoy working out. I don’t particularly mind getting up early, as long as I got to bed on time. Getting dressed seems a logical progression from there. Getting some water, check. But then putting on shoes and getting into the car while it is still DARK? Who am I kidding? I want to sit at my computer and drink coffee (oh how I miss coffee – only 17 days of BRIK left!) .Wait. Where was I?

Oh yeah, driving through the dark at 4:30 in the morning. Don’t you agree that this is, frankly, a little nuts? I mean, yes, it’s a nuts that is working for me – a lot. But sanity check here, folks: THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

So I’m not normal. Because this morning I SANG in the car – going and coming. I SANG out loud during my workout (Eye of the Tiger remake – our 5am class theme song) and I had the most amazing workout and the most amazing rush of energy and good spirits and whew!

I think I’m still a little high from that. It feels good. It feels GREAT.

I’m going to put on some shoes and go to work soon, but first, a little visit to the board. Because I must share this feeling with the world.

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