There Are Mountains Here

There are mountains here
Hidden in the fog
We gather slowly in the cold, reluctant to leave our warm cars
Heads are covered in fleece
Bodies hidden under layers
Hands bundled in gloves
Arms start pumping
Feet start stampingThere are mountains here
Lost in the mist
A last look at the time and we are off
Some race ahead, breaking trail through the snow and ice
Some jog behind, steady soldiers headed towards a goal
I take my first step
And the next and then the next
I think about the two miles to the turnaround point
And the two miles back

There are mountains here
Invisible in the dawn
My head is down
I watch my feet; afraid of falling
I look up to see my friends rounding the bend
They disappear into the fog
I am alone

There are mountains here
Snow covered giants rising above the morning fog
I see the fairy lace of ice on branches
Feel the glow of the pre-dawn sun through the fog
The river flows, the Valley’s life blood, pushing through the ice
My feet begin to move faster
My arms are pumping
My head is up, savoring the beauty

There are mountains here
And so am I


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